Thursday, March 2, 2017


Local TV Heroes is an interview segment with local TV personalities.  For example, local news anchors, pitchmen, local athletes, children’s TV hosts, and more. Each city has it’s own stars and why not share their stories with the rest of the country.  From Chicago to New York, let’s talk to the local TV heroes who may not be national stars, but are stars in their hometowns! Sample jokes: (for Bill Jackson interview) I gave the Gigglesnort Hotel a Yelp review. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good review, though (Bill Jackson asks why?) There’s a freaking dragon in there! (Bill Jackson you asks if this mean Dirty Dragon?) I nearly shat my pants! What kind of drugs were you on when you came up with that thing? (for Tom Skilling interview) Is it true your brother was the CEO of Enron? (Tom says yes) So how often is he begging you for money? Or does the mention of his name bring your family too much shame?

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