Thursday, March 2, 2017


This show segment would showcase a popular Youtuber and their channel.  The segment would contain an interview and be a way for the Youtubers to market themselves and showcase their work to a wider audience.  In addition, we would learn about their home life and what they do when they are not busy creating videos for Youtube. Sample jokes: (for Nostalgia Critic interview) So Mr. Critic, your tag line is, ‘I remember things so we don’t have to.’ I want to ask you a hypothetical question. What if you were to get Alzheimer's and can’t remember anymore? Better yet, why do you think we want YOU to remember things for us? Some things are better off forgotten.  Jungle to Jungle? (for Mat Pat of Game Theory interview) What is your favorite theory from your show? I have a theory of my own as to which one it is.  (host gets the wrong answer) Ah shit, well, thank god it was just a theory, huh?

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