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Bucky Butler-The lead character loosely based on myself. He’s just trying to survive the TLP program. Doesn’t make many friends in the program. A terrible roommate, very lazy, likes to be alone in his room, very shy and awkward, a gamer and a nerd, trying to find a way to belong within the TLP program.

Spotty-A talking dog character created by Bucky that only Bucky sees. Bucky created him to survive. Spotty aides Bucky and he’s a mentor/friend figure and an alter ego of Bucky. A comic relief character and will probably be animated or a puppet.

Vito Livston-Bucky’s roommate, an older male and a bit slow-witted. Talks for miles on end, gets on Bucky’s nerves, rarely gets participates in the program, a veteran of the program almost in his final days and he doesn’t want to get kicked out. Very lonely and wants to be friends with Bucky even Bucky could care less. Shares crazy shit with Bucky and no one in the program knows who he is.

Larry John-A counselor at the TLP program, very happy go lucky type of guy, tries to help any which way he can, treats the participants of the TLP program like children, a little naive, tries to make every situation not all that bad, a bit nerdy, also Vito Livston’s personal counselor and makes visits to Bucky and Vito’s apartment to check up on Vito.

Kyle Gee-Lives in Bucky’s apartment building and is also a participant in the TLP program. White trash, a bit of a drug addict, a smooth talker, plays by his own rules. Bucky and Kyle don’t often get along. He’s also a bit of a con man.

Lisa Broad-Another counselor at the TLP program, a tough as nails woman, very stern, a big woman, bossy, works alongside Larry John and they are polar opposites, very dictator-like, always drives the van, a former prison guard and can hold her own in a fight, also Kyle Gee’s personal counselor.

Earl Wener-A former roadie and a participant in the TLP program, he often has does odd jobs outside of the program and he tries to bum cigarettes off others because he can’t afford them, likes to talk about the glory days of when he was a roadie and worked alongside famous rock stars, a bit of a drunk, and shows up to all the groups.

Mary Sue-Kyle Gee’s girlfriend who he met within the TLP program, she’s a divorcee and has a kid she can’t take care of, white trash, used to be in prison, rarely participants in the TLP program, she’s abusive towards Kyle Gee and she works at the local restaurant who Bucky frequents when on break in the TLP program.

Ann Barkley-A nerdy shy girl around Bucky’s age and a participant in the TLP program, she’s also one of Bucky’s few friends within the program, one of the saner residents within the program, she’s Jewish, she comes over to Bucky apartment to play video games with him, she dreams of working at the grocery store where the participants of the TLP program shop at, also she lives upstairs and she’s also Mary Sue’s roommate.

Matt Timer-Another friend of Bucky who he met through the program and he’s the boyfriend of Ann Barkley, he’s a gamer and likes to hang out with Bucky a lot, sometimes steals stuff from his friend Bucky and Bucky never figures out he’s the thief, he’s also Earl’s roommate and he’s the youngest participant within the TLP program, a bit of a trouble maker but he has a good heart.

Miss Black-Bucky’s personal counselor and aide, she’s very sexy and Bucky has a small crush on her even though she’s older than him, teaches Bucky how to take care of himself and maintain his apartment (like cooking and clean) while also trying to find Bucky a job, she cares about Bucky and is another mentor figure for Bucky.

Mr. Peter Turner-The head counselor of the program and the boss of Miss Black, Lisa Broad, and Larry John.

Jenny Butler-Bucky’s Mom, always visits Bucky and helps take care of Bucky while he’s in the program.

Steve Butler-Bucky’s Dad, also visits and he has a short fuse and he’s an occasional Disney Dad.

Crazy Lou-A former participant of the program and now homeless and lives in a dumpster outside of Bucky’s apartment building, he’s very insane and sometimes he still thinks he’s in the program.

Ideas for Scenes

Scene One: Bucky’s parents finish helping him move in and Bucky meets his roommate Vito for the first time.

Scene Two: Bucky’s first group and an introduction to the audience about what a TLP program is and also we meet most of the cast.

Scene Three: After his first day of the TLP program, Bucky is so depressed and lonely he creates Spotty and we begin an introduction about Spotty.

Scene Four: Bucky goes grocery shopping with the residents of the TLP program.

Scene Five: Bucky’s first cooking group.

Scene Six: Bucky tries doing his chores for the first time.

Scene Seven: The TLP program takes a field trip to the mall.

Scene Eight: Bucky’s first meeting with Miss Black

Scene Nine: Bucky and Kyle Gee begin their feud.

Scene Ten: Bucky hangs out with Tim and Ann

Ideas For Gags!

Bucky just goes about his business while Vito just talks away and Bucky pretends he’s still listening to him.

In the Scene Five, they have to pick a food in each food group but they can’t think of anything they want to eat from the fruit group.

In Scene Six, Bucky is trying to throw his trash away but Crazy Joe just keeps throwing it out and every time Bucky throws it away, Crazy Joe throws it back out.

In Scene Two, the counselors say that the participants can leave at any time and that they chose to come here and Earl slowly gets up and says goodbye than comes back in because it’s cold outside and he has nowhere to go.

In Scene Four, we’re all waiting for Mary Sue to come to the van so that we can go to the grocery store but she actually just took the money and went out to buy cigarettes. So they go without her.

In Scene Six, Bucky is about to do his laundry but than the end of the scene becomes a “Fight Club” parody with Spotty as Brad Pitt’s character and the twist is revealed to be that Earl, Matt and Bucky we’re just going to play a fighting video game and not actually holding a fight club.
In Scene Eight, Bucky just plays dumb so Miss Black will do all of his chores for him.

In Scene Six, Bucky is sweeping while Vito is just talking and Bucky just pretends to listen a nod to the Scene One.

A recurring joke throughout the show is every time Bucky says that his roommate is Vito everybody says “Who” or some people say “that guy’s still in the program?”

Towards the end of Scene Nine, Crazy Lou comes to Bucky’s aide during an argument with Kyle Gee and basically it’s a parody of a scene from The Shawshank Redemption.

In Scene Seven, Bucky is debating if he should buy a video game he wants or not alongside Tim and Ann, Bucky says that he should save his money for the rent and groceries, but Tim brings off the fact that his parents pay his rent and that he has Social Security, and Bucky just say “oh yeah” and buys the game.

In Scene Seven, Mary Sue is working at Bucky’s favorite restaurant in the mall and he debate Tim and Ann if they should he there or not.

A recurring joke throughout the show is that Larry John keeps flirting with Lisa Broad even through Lisa Broad just keeps shooting him down.

A gag in Scene Five is that Bucky really sucks at cooking and is asking for help Larry John is dying to help him but Lisa Broad keeps saying he has to learn for himself. Also Bucky’s cooking partner ends up doing the whole thing because Bucky’s so lazy.

A joke in Scene Three, is that while Spotty and Bucky are getting to know each other midway through Earl begins to play his guitar poorly and Spotty asks who’s making that noise and I tell him about Earl and how he was a former roadie for a famous rock band and Spotty basically finds Earl amazing and declares him his hero even though Bucky tries to say that Earl is a bit of a loser.

During Scene Ten, Ann develops a bit of a crush on Bucky even though she’s dating Tim and Bucky is oblivious to all of this. Plus Bucky doesn’t really share the same feelings for her and Ann’s not all that attractive anyway.

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