Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cameraman, Issue #1 (Page 3)!

                   PAGE THREE (THREE PANELS)
PANEL 1: Hank Hunter swings his computer chair around and Toby the Dog walks up to him.

TOBY THE DOG: Hank, dinners ready. What’s with the long face? You want a little lick?

HANK HUNTER: I have nothing! I don’t know how to make my UsVideo channel different from the competition?

PANEL 2: Hank Hunter and Darrell are sitting at the dinner table while Toby the Dog is serving food. Darrell begins eating a dinner roll.

HANK HUNTER: I can’t use footage of what I film from the news because even though I filmed it, I don’t own it!

DARRELL: Just keeping making more videos of Toby! The Internet love pets, you’ll get views in no time!

PANEL 3: Darrell is about to eat another roll when Toby stops him from doing so!

TOBY THE DOG: That’s enough Darrell, you already had a roll, and you can’t eat another roll until Liz gets here!

DARRELL: But Toby, I’m hungry! I left my video game on pause and--

TOBY THE DOG: --Again, wait for Liz!

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