Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Future Wars 4: Part 3!

About halfway into the battle Ga Nod and George were beginning to get tired from fighting each other. “Look buddy…we didn’t kill the Nods,” said George. “Then who did,” cried Ga Nod. “We did you moron,” yelled a mysterious voice. Then Vach and Moeguya Jr. appeared before Ga Nod, George, and the rebellion. “Who the heck are you guys,” asked George. “We are the sons of Moeguya and members of the Skull Lords….you see you stupid Nod we were the ones who blew up your mother ship because this planet is ours not yours…since you guys failed to kill each other…I guess we’ll have to finish the job ourselves,” said Moeguya Jr. “Look....I know I killed your friends but now we have to work together to kill these two before they destroy everything,” said George. “I’ve already forgiven you George…you only killed two of my people…they’ve killed all of them…I will have my revenge,” said Ga Nod. Now it was Vach and Moeguya Jr. vs. George and Ga Nod and they were all evenly matched. Our heroes were soon fighting Vach and Moeguya Jr. and halfway into the battle Vach and Moeguya Jr. disappeared in a cloud of blackish-purplish smoke. “Where did those two go,” yelled Ga Nod. “I don’t know….but we better head back to the rebellion hideout to prepare to fight them again,” said George. 

To gain Ga Nod’s trust, George brought Co Nod and Boo Nod back to life. Co Nod and Boo Nod were alive once more and like Ga Nod they now work with the rebellion. Also Ga Nod, Co Nod, Princess Ei Nod, and Boo Nod have all converted to Buckyism and they have become quite loyal followers of Buckyism. Also, Spike actually recently saw Princess Ei Nod’s monster form. A Nods monster form basically looks like a combination of a squid and a green banana with one big monstrous eye. 

Spike was at first terrified but he loved her no matter how she looked. Now we go to a conversation between George and Chris. “Why did you call me to your library Chris,” asked George. “George….I fear that Moeguya has been resurrected,” said Chris. “Moeguya’s back….let me guess Vach and Moeguya Jr. had a hand in his resurrection,” said George. “Pretty much…also I learned something about your powers recently George,” said Chris. “What did you learn about my powers,” asked George. “You know how you have the power to bring the dead back to life and the ability to heal yourself and others,” asked Chris. “Yah, what about it,” asked George. “George…when you bring someone back from the dead you’re basically draining a little bit of your own life force into theirs…the catch is you use the power to bring back the dead to much…you’ll basically die,” said Chris. “Wait….how many people can I bring back at a time….I need to bring people back to life and…,” cried George. “George…it’s either your life or anyone else’s…you’re the Chosen One…people die George…and sometimes that’s a good thing,” said Chris. “I guess you’re right,” said George. “Oh and I have a gift for you,” said Chris. “What,” asked George? Chris then handed George the lamp of Charlie the Genie. “Is this the fabled lamp of Charlie the Genie,” asked George. “Indeed…I found it when I was cleaning the library…now you only have three wishes and you can only summon him once a year….so use your wishes wisely,” said Chris. “Thanks man….I have to head back to the rebellion hideout…take care old friend,” said George. Now we go to the Skull Lords headquarters where Evil Dino-Skeleton and Moeguya were having a conversation. “Master it is so great that you are alive again,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “Thanks for bring me back to life….so what did I miss,” asked Moeguya. “Basically The Changers are leading a revolt, we battled an alien race called the Nods, and we’ve been fighting the Buckyism rebellion,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “So there are still followers of Buckyism eh…there won’t be for long….now then…we must head to Toon city…I have a big announcement to make to my citizens,” said Moeguya. “What announcement is that master,” asked Evil Dino-Skeleton. “I’m back,” said Moeguya. Moeguya then began to laugh evilly. 

Now we go to Rocky Hyrax was sitting in his office doing some paperwork when an unexpected visitor paid Rocky Hyrax a visit. Burn the leader of the Phoenix Monks entered Rocky Hyrax’s office with a message to all Toons. “Look I maybe a member of the Toon council…but what do you mean you’ve found a way to permanently kill a Toon,” asked Rocky Hyrax. “It’s simple….we’ve created a virus…the old stories that a Toon can never die are so false…and you’re the first person to test my new virus,” said Burn. Burn then sprayed a mist on Rocky Hyrax and after Rocky Hyrax was sprayed he began to feel very sick. “Soon our dream of a Toon free world will come true,” said Burn. Burn then began to laugh evilly. It looks like the Phoenix Monks have proven that they are still a threat not only to our heroes but the Skull Lords as well!

After the virus that can kill Toons was released by the Phoenix Monks it spread quickly. Millions of Toons were infected with the virus and even the co-leader of the Skull Lords Evil Dino-Skeleton became infected with the virus. Rick Rooster was working on a cure for the virus but to no prevail. But luckily, George summoned Charlie the Genie to grant three wishes. George’s first wish was to create a cure for the virus that was killing all the Toons. The first wish was granted. George’s second wish was for more food and water. The second wish was granted. George’s final wish was that the rebellion army could have more advance weapons. George’s final wish was granted. Ga Nod also tried to ask Charlie the Genie to bring back his people but Charlie the Genie told Ga Nod he couldn’t grant Ga Nod’s wish because Charlie the Genie only deals with the affairs of earthlings. It seems the future wars continue but we can only hope that our heroes can win this war once and for all!


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