Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dawn of The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson: Part 3!

Now we go to the Phoenix Monks Temple. “Here we are my lord, our new home,” said General Toast. General Toast was a security guard from the real world who came to the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson as a Phoenix Monk, he soon earned the rank as general of the Phoenix Knights. The Phoenix Knights are demons that are made out of fire, they wear armor and carry axes, and they are the soldiers for the Phoenix Monks. The Phoenix Knights were made by the Phoenix Monks using their supernatural powers. “General Toast, we must plan an attack on Battle Field, now get working,” yelled Burn. “Yes my lord,” said General Toast. 

Now we go back to our heroes were Mike Storm told them about the future of the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. “You mean this war may never end,” yelled Mr. Raccoon. “Well, maybe, that’s the whole reason I came to the past, to help end this war, and to change the future,” said Mike Storm. “We need an army, but where can we get help,” said Stork. “We must go to the greatest scientist in the all of the worlds, Professor Smith, he’ll know what to do,” said Mike Storm. “Where is Professor Smith,” asked Mr. Raccoon. “He lives on an asteroid orbiting Battle Field, we must go to him,” said Mike Storm. Professor Smith was a scientist from the Stork stories. Mike Storm went to go find Professor Smith, and the others went to explore Battle Field. 

Mike Storm went to ask for help from Professor Smith, and so he was going to an asteroid orbiting Battle Field (which was the home of Professor Smith). Mike Storm soon found Professor Smith’s house. Mike Storm soon knocked on his door. Professor Smith answered the door. “Who are you,” asked Professor Smith. “Hi, I’m with some people who want you to help in this war, and we need your scientific knowledge to help us,” said Mike Storm. “Well, I was asked by the Skull Order to help them, but, I’m really not interested in helping you so, good bye,” said Professor Smith. “Wait, the Skull Order are the bad guys, if you help us you will let the good guys win this war,” said Mike Storm. “Look, why I’m I so special to you anyway,” asked Professor Smith. 

Mike Storm showed him his robotic arm. “I lost my arm in the future, but your robot company made this arm for me, and someday in the near future you would be one of the most successful scientists in the Lost Worlds,” said Mike Storm. “Alright, I’ll help you, let me just get my things,” said Professor Smith. Soon Professor Smith brought with him, his lab monkey Bilbo, his fusing remote control, and a chemical called “Formula M”. Now our Mike Storm and Professor Smith flew back to Battle Field. Now Professor Smith is going to help our heroes. What will happen next? Nobody Knows!

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