Wednesday, June 1, 2016

“Faterella” Synopsis!

In a fairy tale kingdom, there lived two siblings who were being raised by their evil stepmother. Nick, the youngest sibling, does all of the housework while Faterella, his older sister is a sumo-wrestler.  The children’s step-mother creates income for the family by placing bets on Faterella’s matches. Nick and Faterella’s mother died and their father remarried their stepmother before his death a few years later. By chance, Nick discovers he has magical powers.
One day, Faterella is wrestling and in the crowd is her crush, Prince Charming. Prince Charming is the ruler of the Charming Kingdom along with his siblings Alfred Charming and May Charming. Being a fan of Prince Charming, Faterella asks Prince Charming for his autograph.  Due to her appearance, Prince Charming thinks Faterella is a man.  Faterella is embarrassed in front of the entire crowd and flees in shame.
At home, Faterella and Nick are visited by a magical talking fox, named Riddle Fox.  Riddle Fox grants Faterella’s wish to become beautiful, even though Nick is skeptical. The following day is the royal Charming ball and Faterella wakes up to see that she is no longer obese, but thin and beautiful.
Faterella and Nick are off to the ball, so that Faterella, in her new form, can win the heart of Prince Charming.  Soon they will discover that Riddle Fox has used his magic to alter the appearances of Prince Charming and May Charming as well. It turns out Alfred Charming has magical powers of his own. When his siblings are at their weakest, in their true forms, he uses his dark magic to overthrow his brother.  Luckily, Nick ends up defeating Alfred Charming using his own magical powers in an epic battle, leaving Prince Charming to rule once again. Nick becomes Prince Charming’s royal adviser and begins training under Riddle Fox to hone his magical powers. Faterella and Prince Charming get married and they all live happily ever after.
Or so we think?

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