Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Courtship of Spotty’s Daughter (Short Story Version)!

Our story begins at Spotty’s house where Spotty was sleeping on the couch and Spotty Jr. was doing his homework. Just then Spotty heard a knock on the front door. Spotty awoke and went to answer the door. Spotty would have a surprise visitor at his door. Spotty opened the door to see a young girl mutt that looked a lot like him. “Hello miss, what’s up,” asked Spotty. “Hey…are you Spotty…my name is Heather…I’m like your daughter or something,” said Heather. “What do you mean by daughter,” asked Spotty. Spotty then saw that Heather had a suitcase and Heather basically looked like a goth kid. “Okay, you can come inside and we’ll call your real parents…Heather, that’s your name right,” asked Spotty. “Whatever,” said Heather. Heather, Spotty, and Spotty Jr. were soon eating dinner at the dinner table together. “So dad…this goth kid might be my older sister or something,” asked Spotty Jr. “Son…this goth kid claims to be my daughter, I have no proof if she is my daughter,” said Spotty. “But dad, even through the makeup she looks like a female version of you,” said Spotty Jr. “So I have three brothers altogether now I guess right,” asked Heather. “Look Heather…I may remember the day you were born…but I thought when me and your possible mother put you up for adoption you found a good home,” said Spotty. “I lived in five foster homes and was molested at age eight…you wonder why I’m a goth,” said Heather. “Look, tomorrow we’ll do a DNA test and see if you’re really my daughter or if you are just bugging us,” said Spotty. “Wait a minute, you said you have three bothers…I’m one of those three brothers right,” asked Spotty Jr. “Yes…one brother lives with a rich family while the other is in jail…I guess you have a pretty good life here,” asked Heather. “So are you my younger or older sister,” asked Spotty Jr. “I am the same age as you butt munch,” said Heather. Now we go to the next day and Spotty and Heather went to the hospital to do a DNA test to see if Heather is really Spotty’s biological daughter. 

It’s a girl! Heather is Spotty’s biological daughter as the DNA test results show. Spotty was now has to figure out what to do with Heather, so he calls Heather’s biological mom Penny Greyhound. “We have a daughter…but I thought we put up the other three children up for adoption,” cried Penny Greyhound. “Look Penny, Heather is a nutcase…but she’s our daughter, I have DNA results that prove it…I just need your help to figure out what we can do with her,” said Spotty. “Look, me and Beardy can’t take our daughter, we don’t have enough room and money…I guess she needs to live with you,” said Penny Greyhound. “But I already have Spotty Jr. and we both agreed that we would only take care of one of our children, I can’t take on two of them,” said Spotty. “I’m sorry Spotty…but I don’t mean to sound like a bad mom…but she’s your problem...remember to pay child support, good night Spotty,” said Penny Greyhound. Penny Greyhound hung up the phone. “Damn it….now I got two mouths to feed, what am I going to do,” said Spotty to himself. Spotty thought long and hard about what to do with Heather. He decided that he would raise Heather and Heather would live in Spotty’s house. Life went on as normal and Spotty now is a father of two. Heather and Spotty Jr. began to form a good relationship and Spotty Jr. loves his sister even though they don’t always get along. Spotty also began to love his daughter and Heather finally had a loving family she always wanted. And yes Heather is still a goth kid!

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