Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Faterella Beat Sheet

1.     Opening Image (1): 
 Spotty, a talking hobo dog and the narrator of this tale, is kicked off a train and arrives in the Charming Kingdom.
2.     Theme Stated (40): 
”beauty is in the eye of the beholder, life is what you make of it and dreams really can come true, all you have to do is wish, and believe”
3.     The Set-up (6-11): 
Nick, who is one of the heroes in Spotty’s tale, begins his day, doing all the housework for his evil stepmother and stepsisters. On this day, Nick discovers he has magical powers when he snaps his fingers and the kitchen is cleaned. He continues doing his chores pretending the magic didn’t happen. Also, Nick goes to take care of his loving, overweight, sister Faterella. The siblings long for change in their lives.
4.     Catalyst (14-15): Faterella, a sumo-wrestler, has an upcoming match that her crush, Prince Charming will be watching. Faterella dreams of being with him, while Nick tells Faterella that Prince Charming is way out of Faterella’s league.
5.     Debate (20-21): 
After Faterella wins her match, she asks Prince Charming for his autograph.  Prince Charming is a little worried because he notices on the magazine Faterella wants him to sign has little hearts and “I love Prince Charming” written all over it. Prince Charming, not knowing Faterella is actually a woman, mistakes Faterella for being a gay man. When Prince Charming finds out the truth, he freaks out and his brother Alfred makes fun of him, prompting the whole arena to laugh at his brother and Faterella. Faterella flees in embarrassment. 
6.     Break Into Two (22-23): On the ride home, Nick tries to cheer Faterella up because Faterella wishes she could be the woman Prince Charming deserves. Back at home, Faterella and Nick receive a visit by a magical talking fox named Riddle Fox who grants Faterella’s wish to be a suitable match for the prince.  The next day is the night of the Charming royal ball, the same day Faterella’s wish comes true.
7.     B-Story (1-6, 27-28):  Prince Charming is actually a former carnival freak called The Wild Man who was transformed into a handsome young man by Riddle Fox. Prince Charming’s brother, Alfred Charming, grows jealous of his sibling’s newly found popularity in which Alfred feels is built on lies.  Alfred builds a plan for revenge and the takeover of the Charming Kingdom during the night of the Charming royal ball.
8.     Fun & Games (24-31): The next day, Faterella wakes up to discover that she is no longer obese, but thin and beautiful. Nick and Faterella are both in shock, but decide that they should get ready for the royal ball anyway. Nick tells Faterella she needs a new name to go with her new look.  After seeing a cinder block at the house, he decides her name should now be Cinderella.  Faterella sees the perks of being thin and beautiful. She can run faster and guys check her out and are awestruck at the sight of her beauty.
9.     Midpoint (31-35): Cinderella (Faterella) and Prince Charming (The Wild Man) get to know each other and find out things about each other. They begin falling in love with each other while not knowing who they both really are.
10.   Bad Guys Close In (32-36): Nick is the first to discover the truth about the Charming family. He finds out that Prince Charming’s beautiful sister is actually a freak called Melted Girl. Nick finds out Alfred’s plot to take over the kingdom and tells everyone the truth about his siblings. Before Nick can stop Alfred, Nick has to fight Alfred’s bodyguard, a masked wrestler named El Killo.
11.   All Is Lost (35-37): 
Faterella and Prince Charming revert back into their true forms and Alfred Charming begins his takeover using his dark magical powers.
12.   Dark Night of the Soul (37):Nick and Alfred Charming fight each other and Nick kills Alfred.
13.   Break Into Three (38-39): Nick and Faterella start to leave in shame, but Wild Man (Prince Charming) and May Charming stop them before they leave and offer them the chance to move into their castle. They are grateful for the help to defeat their brother, Alfred Charming.
14.   Finale (38-40): Faterella and Nick both accept the Charming’s offer to move into the Charming castle. Later on, Faterella and The Wild Man (Prince Charming) get married. Nick trains under Riddle Fox and Riddle Fox tells Nick that his father is actually still alive. Unfortunately, their father is an evil dark knight named Dark Mark. Riddle Fox says he wants to go to the Magical Universe once Nick completes his training and defeat his father Dark Mark as well.
15.   Final Image (40): Spotty hops a train and waves goodbye as he’s leaving the Charming kingdom.

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