Wednesday, June 1, 2016

“Faterella” Character Throughline Worksheet!

WHO IS THE HERO: Faterella, an obese female sumo wrestler protects her younger brother Nick due to their unfortunate living situation with their evil stepmother.

WHAT DOES THE HERO WANT?: Faterella wants to find true love and escape her evil stepmother’s house and control

THE DOOR OPENS: Faterella is visited by Riddle Fox who grants Faterella’s deepest wish by turning her into a beautiful thin supermodel for one whole day, enabling her to find true love.

THE HERO TAKES CONTROL: The hero takes control by…

·      Thin Faterella steals a beautiful red dress from her evil stepsister to wear to the royal Charming ball.
·      Before the ball, Faterella’s younger brother Nick teaches Faterella how to ballroom dance and other proper etiquette.
·      Faterella calls herself Cinderella and pretends to be a famous supermodel to impress her crush, Prince Charming.
·      Prince Charming calls Faterella, who is pretending to be Cinderella, beautiful and Faterella responds that no one has ever called her beautiful before to a shocked Prince Charming.
·      While Faterella is dancing with Prince Charming, he reveals the shame he feels about misunderstanding he had about calling a woman a man.

A MONKEY WRENCH IS THROWN: Alfred Charming tired of living in his brother’s shadow, decides to reveal the truth about who his brother really is.

THINGS FALL APART: Things fall apart when the truth is revealed…

·      Faterella discovers Prince Charming isn’t really a handsome young man, but actually a hairy animal-like carnival freak called The Wild Man, who like Faterella, was turned beautiful by Riddle Fox.
·      Faterella turns back into her old fat self and Prince Charming finally discovers the true Faterella.
·      Faterella and Prince Charming are trapped in cages by Alfred Charming and Alfred Charming takeovers the throne

THE HERO HITS BOTTOM: Faterella is trapped in a cage with her beautiful red dress torn to shreds and Prince Charming who is now The Wild Man roars loudly in his cage while Alfred Charming begins his takeover.

THE HERO RISKS ALL: Her brother Nick begins to fight Alfred Charming and he defeats him. Faterella and Prince Charming finally meet in their true forms. Faterella and Prince Charming realize they should have been honest with each other and Prince Charming finally gives an apology to Faterella.

WHAT DOES THE HERO GET?: The hero gets to move into the Charming castle and marry her true love Prince Charming and they all live happily ever after.

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