Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bucky's Loglines!

·      A parody of Cinderella, a female sumo wrestler turns into a beautiful thin supermodel through magic and along her wizard brother begins to uncover the secrets of the Charming family.
·      A pirate with ADD and his crew of misfit pirates go on an exciting adventure to find treasure and fight off their foes.
·      A group of teenagers must break a curse and have an adventure inside a haunted camp while discovering the mysterious origins of the town called Littleburg.
·      A group of handicapped scientists, after a freak lab accident gain superpowers that make them no longer flawed but perfect beings, decide to form a superhero team.
·      Set in an apocalyptic future, an old man gives hope through storytelling to the other survivors while having adventures in a nuclear wasteland.
·      A 40-year-old man whose mind is placed in the body of a robotic super powered teenager joins a robotic/cyborg military team that is tasked with doing missions for the government usually with tech-based themes.
·      A young man whose father was killed by a werewolf now has a life mission of hunting werewolves and other monsters with friends he makes along the way.
·      An archer and a female knight must go on a quest to slay an ogre while uncovering a greater conspiracy about two lost kingdoms.
·      A transgender woman is granted a wish by her guardian angel to become a real woman for 30 days in an alternate universe where she was never a man at all.
·      A talking dog and a talking stork go on an adventure around the world to escape their mundane lives while also forming a friendship.

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