Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Samurai & The General: Part 5!

Our heroes finally made it to Emperor Lion’s palace and soon the final battle between the rebellion and The General’s soldiers had begun. Ryū entered Emperor Lion’s throne room only to see that The General was sitting in Emperor Lion’s throne. Ryū also saw that Emperor Lion was tied up in the corner of the room and The General began to laugh evilly. “You think you can win this war, I will be ruler of the entire world and you know it,” said The General. “Look, I may have not know my own parents but I’m willing to avenge their deaths by killing the person that killed them,” said Ryū. “Why do you think I killed your parents…the true killer is none other than your lover Lalu’s father,” said The General. “But Lo-Chow was ordered by you to kill my parents,” said Ryū. “I guess I’ll let Lo-Chow tell you the truth…better yet I’ll have him kill you,” said The General. 

Just then Ryū fell through a trap door and entered a room where Ryū saw a huge dragon chained up. “Oh my god…now I remember…Lalu said that her father turned into a dragon…you’re Lo-Chow, don’t worry I’ll free you,” said Ryū. Ryū then free Lo-Chow who was a dragon and then Lo-Chow growled at Ryū. “Hey calm down…I’m not the bad guy, you need to help me get out of here,” said Ryū. Lo-Chow then grabbed Ryū with one of his huge claws and together they flew straight up back into Emperor Lion’s throne room. “Oh great, Lo-Chow escaped…whatever shall I do,” said The General sarcastically. “Lo-Chow, you fly out of here and help the rebellion stop The General’s army…I’ll take care of The General,” said Ryū. Ryū soon attacked The General and they began fighting each other. 

After a long fight…The General injured Ryū real bad and The General was about to kill him until someone shot an arrow into The General’s head. It was Lalu who fired the arrow. “I saved your life,” said Lalu. The General was killed by Lalu and soon Emperor Lion’s palace began to collapse and Lalu carried Ryū out of the palace. Thanks to Lalu her family’s curse is now broken and her whole family turned back to normal. Ryū finally freed his empire and there was soon peace throughout the land. Our heroes finally saved the day!

Now Ryū finally freed his empire from The General’s wrath. Terry the Tapir, Fearsome the Alligator, and Coyote went to jail and they’ll serve life sentences. Spotty, Binky Bear, Stork, Hawk, Deer, Mole, Pigeon, Mr. Big, Cool Fox, Sith, Senp, Jimmy, and Sikios became members of Ryū’s royal guard and they all gave up their evil ways. Huan who was no longer a rock creature became Ryū’s royal adviser along with Mr. Raccoon. Lo-Chow and Beardy became the royal court wizards and Lo-Chow is Beardy’s mentor. Emperor Lion’s empire soon made peace with Ryū’s empire and now they formed an alliance. Ryū soon married Lalu and now they rule their empire together. Everything was peaceful throughout the empire…for now!


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