Thursday, May 12, 2016

“Robot Blue” A Limited Comic Book Series!

Plot Summary: 140 million years ago, in a galaxy light years away from Earth, a time traveler named Pip Puffin tells the tale of a legendary hero named Robot Blue. Robot Blue is a robot soldier created in a factory that is operated by an evil space dictator named Zarowtik. One of the factory workers, a young male bug-like alien, named XZ built Robot Blue as he would any other robot he makes at his job.

Robot Blue is quite a different robot. Robot Blue is independent and has free will. While most robots just follow commands, Robot Blue thinks for himself. XZ sensing something special about Robot Blue protects him from Zarowtik’s army. Zarowtik’s army begins to destroy XZ’s home planet because of a prophecy that told of Robot Blue being the one to finally to defeat Zarowtik and end his reign of terror throughout the galaxy.

Now Robot Blue, XZ, XZ’s best friend and roommate G5, and a traitor of Zarowtik’s army named Gar Jong begin a quest to go to the GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) headquarters. The GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) is basically the United Nations but with planets instead of countries. The GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) is headed and was founded by a wise and peaceful alien named Sopptic. Sopptic is the older brother of Zarowtik and he too wishes to end his brother’s reign as a galactic dictator.

Along the way our heroes meet other allies and fight off Zarowtik’s soldiers both robotic and alien. Robot Blue also feels something a robot has never felt before, love. While on their way to the GUF (Galactic Universe Federation), our heroes’ stop at a planet called TechLoop, which is a planet, inhabited by robots. The Robot King rules TechLoop and The Robot King, like all of the robots on TechLoop, also has free will. Robot Blue begins to fall in love with The Robot King’s daughter Princess Pink.

Robot Blue is given a special computer chip while on TechLoop which is given only to the most powerful robot soldiers. The computer chip is called the automatic rebuild chip, which automatically repairs a robot when it is hurt or broken. Thus, they’ll never be destroyed. Now with the power of the automatic rebuild chip, Robot Blue is truly unstoppable yet still has fear of death. Robot Blue and his allies meet a mysterious robot named Robot Red. Robot Red looks and behaves a lot like Robot Blue but has red skin. Little do our heroes know is that Robot Red is actually Robot Blue and Princess Pink’s son from the future who came to the past to aide his father in his quest to defeat Zarowtik.

Besides Zarowtik, other foes our heroes will face on their quest include Robo Rexes which are cyborg T-Rexes (half T-Rex and half robot) minions of Zarowtik. Robo Rexes were captured from Earth and turned into cyborgs by Zarowtik’s scientists; The Jom-Eom King is an alien crime lord and Gar Jong’s uncle; Dread & Thrash are two alien bounty hunters hired by Zarowtik to slay Robot Blue and his allies, and finally Gojala, a former alien professional wrester and a bounty hunter who is also after Robot Blue.

Luckily, Gojala has a change of heart and decides to help our heroes. Gojala is the younger brother of Zarowtik and Sopptic. After Robot Blue and his allies make to the GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) headquarters, they gather an army and head to Zarowtik’s evil lair on a mysterious lava planet to have a final epic battle. Robot Blue does defeat Zarowtik and finally there is peace throughout the galaxy. Robot Blue turned out to be  “the chosen one” the whole time and thus the legend was born!

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