Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Samurai & The General: Part 4!

Our heroes heard the echo of Evil Dino-Skeleton’s roar from the rebellion base. “He’s returned,” cried Terry the Tapir. Just then Terry the Tapir, Sith, Senp, Jimmy, Fearsome the Alligator, and Sikios fled the rebellion base. “Come on…we need to go to the Cave of Lost Souls and stop Evil Dino-Skeleton,” said Ryū. After a couple of hours of walking…it was soon night fall when our heroes finally made it to the Cave of Lost Souls. At the entrance of the Cave of Lost Souls, our heroes saw Lalu and the rock creature fighting Evil Dino-Skeleton. “Lalu,” said Ryū. “You know this sexy girl,” asked Spotty. “Yah, I met her last night she ran away when the sun rose, we better help her,” said Ryū. Our heroes soon began to fight Evil Dino-Skeleton and after a long battle, our heroes defeated Evil Dino-Skeleton. “We did it,” said Lalu. “Lalu…when did you get here…where’s The General and what’s up with you and the rock creature,” asked Ryū. “Oh there’s a rock creature…oh my god,” cried Lalu. Lalu then pulled out her sword and winked at the rock creature. The rock creature then fled the scene. “Took care of that rock monster…didn’t even have to kill him,” said Lalu. Just then Pigeon flew in and landed in front of our heroes. “Guys…I stayed at the rebellion base but it was attacked by The General’s soldiers, and now The General has them held prisoner,” said Pigeon. “Wait a minute…The General freed Evil Dino-Skeleton as a distraction so that his soldier could attack the rebellion base…Sikios wasn’t a spy he was just following The General’s orders to lure me away from the rebellion base…come on guys we have to free everyone and stop The General,” said Ryū. “Hold it…Lalu…as in the legendary wizard Lo-Chow’s daughter…now I know who you are…you’re the…,” said Beardy. “Hold it Beardy you know who Lalu is,” asked Ryū. “Yes, Lalu is the daughter of Lo-Chow…the wizard who helped kill your father and mother…I cursed Lo-Chow’s family and…wait…where did Lalu go,” said Beardy. 

Ryū then heard Lalu crying in the forest. “Stay here guys and make camp, I need to check up on Lalu…find out who she really is,” said Ryū. Ryū then found Lalu crying in the forest. “What’s wrong…and who are you…a friend of mine says you’re the daughter of a wizard who killed my parents, now start talking,” said Ryū. “Look Ryū, your friend is lying, my father didn’t kill your parents it was The General, my parents were friends with your parents, hell my father was the royal court wizard of your empire, we’re not the bad guys,” cried Lalu. “So you’re not evil…oh man…because I wanted to tell you that I love you Lalu…when this is all over maybe we can go on a date or something,” said Ryū. Lalu then kissed Ryū and soon Lalu and Ryū began to make out. After Lalu and Ryū had sex with each other…they slept together in the middle of the forest. When it was morning Ryū soon learned a shocking secret about his lover Lalu. “Oh my god…it’s you…,” screamed Ryū. 

Ryū soon found out that his lover Lalu was the old woman who gave Ryū a bag of magic powder. “So you’re the old woman the whole time…what’s going on here Lalu…if that’s your real name,” asked Ryū. “You see Ryū, your friend Beardy thought my father killed your father and mother…but my father didn’t kill your parents….Beardy put a curse on my whole family, Beardy turned my father into a horrible dragon, Beardy turned my mother into a crow, Beardy turned my brother into a rock creature, and the curse Beardy gave me was that I would be an old woman by day but a beautiful young woman at night,” said Lalu. “So Beardy cursed you and your family…how old are you,” asked Ryū. “I’m two years younger than you, but you can break my family’s curse,” said Lalu. “How do I break the curse,” said Ryū. “It’s complicated but the only way to break my family’s curse is if a member of my family saves a member of your family’s life,” said Lalu. “So if you save my life…the curse will be broken,” said Ryū. 

Lalu nodded and soon her cursed brother appeared. “Oh I forgot to ask, what’s your rock creature brother’s name is anyway,” asked Ryū. “His name is Huan…before my brother was turned into a rock monster he used to be a bit of a nerd,” said Lalu. “Sister, look who I found,” said Huan. Huan found his and Lalu’s mother who was a crow. “Huan you found mom, come on, we need to help Ryū and maybe we can finally break this curse,” said Lalu. “Me hope we do break this stupid curse, me tired of being a retarded rock monster,” said Huan. Lalu, Huan, and their mother joined the rebellion and our heroes were now preparing an attack on Emperor Lion’s empire. Now it seems the final battle between these two feuding empires has begun!

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