Thursday, May 12, 2016

Robot Blue, Issue #1 (Page 2)!

                     PAGE TWO (FOUR PANELS)
PANEL 1: Pip Puffin is slowly pulling something out of his pocket.

PIP PUFFIN: Yes, Zarowtik is building a galactic dictatorship the likes of which the universe has never seen before, but again our tale isn’t about him.

PANEL 2: Pip Puffin shows the readers a hologram from his phone of Robot Blue who is a humanoid blue skin robot with a gun for his right arm wearing blue visor glasses that are attached to his head.

PIP PUFFIN: No our tale is about the hero who defeats Zarowtik. Here he is, and his name is Robot Blue!

PANEL 3: An up close shot of the hologram of Robot Blue.

PIP PUFFIN: Oddly enough, Robot Blue hasn’t even been built yet. But in my time, he’s a legend!

PANEL 4: Pip Puffin is flying away from the huge spaceship with his jetpack.

PIP PUFFIN: But, Zarowtik did have a hand in the creation of Robot Blue. How! Find out for yourselves!

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