Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cameraman, Issue #1 (Page 1)!

                 PAGE ONE (FIVE PANELS)

PANEL 1: Hank Hunter, a brown haired thin white 20-something young man with a beard is putting away his camera equipment after a TV news interview with his brother-in-law, Police Chief, Lester BarnSwallow, a 40-something bald African-American man with a ripped physique. Lester is slowly getting up from his chair where he sat for the interview while Hank Hunter is putting away his camera equipment.

LESTER BARNSWALLOW: So, how do you think the interview went Hank? Did I do a good job?

HANK HUNTER: Lester, with me filming, you’ll always look good!

PANEL 2: Hank Hunter is about to walk out with his camera equipment in a suitcase when Lester BarnSwallow grabs his arm before Hank can leave.

LESTER BARNSWALLOW: Hank, can we talk for a second?

PANEL 3: Lester BarnSwallow and Hank Hunter are walking side by side through the police station while they are having a conversation.

LESTER BARNSWALLOW: You know, Hank, during the interview I saw how you were looking at me while you were filming it!

HANK HUNTER: My face looked like I regretted marrying your sister, didn’t it? I’m just joking with you Lester!

PANEL 4: As their conversation continues Lester BarnSwallow and Hank Hunter begin to walk alongside the police station’s jail cells. Staring out from behind the cell bars are the super villains, The Evil Slayer, who is a male Goth kid wearing a bright red jumpsuit, holding a knife, Badger Man, who is a huge half-human half-badger creature, and Kirk, an orange humanoid robot soldier with a gun for a hand.

LESTER BARNSWALLOW: Look Hank, I know you’d rather be in front of the camera than be behind it, but look at what you have instead of what you don’t have.

HANK HUNTER: Lester, you’ll see, someday I’ll make a name for myself!

PANEL 5: Lester BarnSwallow and Hank Hunter are standing outside the police station where they conclude their conversation. There is a Channel 4 news van parked by them.

LESTER BARNSWALLOW: Anyway, just remember that I care about you because my sister does! So if you ever--

HANK HUNTER: --Okay, I get it, you love me! See you again on the 11:00 news on Channel 4! Lord knows everybody will be watching!

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