Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cameraman, Issue #1 (Page 2)!

                   PAGE TWO (FOUR PANELS)

PANEL 1: Hank Hunter is at the entrance of his apartment building later that day. Claws, a green-skinned lobster mutant stoner man dressed like a hippie is peeking out of the dumpster beside the doorway.

CAP: 10 hours later.

CLAWS: Hey you’re home man, wanna get high? I don’t mind sharing a joint with a friend!

HANK HUNTER: Not now, Claws. Just go back to sleep buddy!

PANEL 2: Hank Hunter enters his apartment and is greeted by his pet Miniature Schnauzer Toby who is standing upright wearing a kiss the cook apron and oven mitts.

TOBY THE DOG: Hey Hank, welcome home. Hope you had a good day at work, because if you didn’t, you’re at least going to have a great dinner!

HANK HUNTER: So, that’s why I smell meatloaf? You’re such a good boy, Toby! I have to check on some stuff, but tell me when dinner’s ready!

PANEL 3: Hank Hunter is heading to his computer but along the way he sees his roommate Darrell, a fat 30-something nerdy African-American man playing a video game on the couch.

HANK HUNTER: Of course you’re playing video games! Instead of looking for work or getting your own place, you’re just playing Captain Crazy, aren’t you Darrell!

DARRELL: You know me so well! But the check for my share of the rent is on the table! So I’m not a completely useless roommate, am I!

PANEL 4: Hank Hunter is sitting at his computer, which is in the living room and looking at his “UsVideo” channel.

HANK HUNTER (thought): As usual, no recent views on any of my UsVideo channel videos!

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