Thursday, May 12, 2016

Robot Blue, Issue #1 (Page 1)!

                     PAGE ONE (FIVE PANELS)
PANEL 1: Pip Puffin a talking cartoon puffin is wearing a spacesuit while sitting on an asteroid looking up into space.

PIP PUFFIN: Wow, look at all those stars!

PANEL 2: Pip Puffin looks directly at the readers while still sitting on the asteroid.

PIP PUFFIN: Oh hello, my name is Pip Puffin. I’m the narrator of the tale. I’m a time traveler.

PANEL 3: Pip Puffin is standing up while putting on a jetpack.

PIP PUFFIN: Now the story I’m going to tell wasn’t in my lifetime, but it actually took place 140 million years ago.

PANEL 4: Pip Puffin is flying in space with his jetpack.

PIP PUFFIN: You see while Earth was still in the age of the dinosaurs, in a galaxy light years away, an evil has risen.

PANEL 5: Pip Puffin is hovering beside a huge spaceship.

PIP PUFFIN: Now the evil I’m talking about is an alien dictator named Zarowtik. But this story isn’t about him.

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