Thursday, May 12, 2016

“Cameraman” An Ongoing Comic Book Series!

Plot Summary: Hank Hunter is a 20-something cameraman for a local TV station. Yet, he longs for fame outside of being a simple TV cameraman. Hank is trying to get views on his channel on the popular video sharing website “UsVideo”. While trying to think of new content to upload to his “UsVideo” channel, Hank comes up with an idea that he feels will lead him to fame and fortune.

Hank Hunter lives in Action City, a city that is home to countless superheroes and super villains. Hank Hunter decides that the theme of his “UsVideo” channel should be videos of real life superhero battles. Hank Hunter, using his smartphone, films superhero battles. He uploads them to his “UsVideo” channel where these epic battles are viewed on a global scale by millions of people.

Hank Hunter, known by the name of his channel “WonderKid91”, is now an Internet celebrity. He is making money off the exploits of these superheroes and super villains. But things end up getting worse before they get better. After Hank’s videos of superhero battles go viral, not only are the superheroes worried about his safety, but also, the super villains can watch his videos and learn more about their superhero rivals. Hank Hunter has to become the hero himself.

Along with his friends, who are want-a-be superheroes and the co-stars of his channel, Hank trys to save the real heroes from the super villain, Dr. Hurt and his henchmen. In addition, they must stop Dr. Hurt from distributing his new drug to super villains, a drug which gives anyone who injects it into their bodies the ability to heal rapidly. The drug makes them invulnerable from injury, thus making them basically unstoppable. Dr. Hurt also uses the drug himself and he’s addicted to it. In the end, even though they defeat Dr. Hurt and his henchmen, he will be a reoccurring super villain throughout the series.

The series as a whole will be Hank Hunter filming superhero battles with his smartphone and each superhero battle will feature a villain of the week that is both unique and visually appealing to the reader. The sub plots will be Hank and his friends hanging out together and just being friends. The other main cast members of “Cameraman” include Hank’s wife, Liz Hunter, who grows tired of Hank’s fame seeking ways and fears for his safety.

Liz Hunter is a scientist and she is also a former student of Dr. Hurt. Plus, Hank Hunter doesn’t know that his wife Liz secretly turns into the monstrous super villain, Red Rhino, at night. Red Rhino is a spilt personality of Liz Hunter.  When Liz transforms into Red Rhino she literally becomes a different person.

Toby is Hank’s talking pet Miniature Schnauzer. Toby’s the mascot of Hank’s channel “WonderKid91” and Toby the Dog gives useful advice while also taking care of Hank more than Hank takes care of him.

Darrell The Useless Superhero is a fat 30-something African-American man who is basically a loser. He wants to be a superhero and later becomes the star superhero on Hank’s channel. Darrell is Liz Hunter’s cousin and Hank and Liz’s roommate.

Lester BarnSwallow is Hank’s brother-in-law and the Action City chief of police. Lester is annoyed with Hank and has no idea that Hank is using him to get inside info on super villains whereabouts.
U Tucker is a male stripper by day and a superhero at night that befriends Hank. U Tucker is a bigger fame seeker than Hank. U Tucker basically has no powers other than his male stripping abilities.

Fat Lazy Karate Teacher is Hank’s karate teacher whose personality is in his name. He’s an ally and mentor of Hank and his superhero friends. Ted Brook has been Hank’s best friend since childhood and the brother of the legendary superhero Goddiess unbeknownst to Hank Hunter.

Ms. Icon is a struggling female wrestler and supermodel that decides to become a superhero. She learns about Hank’s channel and she thinks it will help boost her career. Ms. Icon is also the ex-girlfriend of U Tucker. Deerman is a superhero with the powers of a deer and basically a nerdy misfit who befriends Hank in an effort to become a more popular superhero.

Claws is a green-skinned lobster mutant man and a stoner who lives in a dumpster outside of Hank’s apartment building. Claws goes undercover as a super villain so that he can spy on other super villains and give the superheroes details on their upcoming crimes. Hank uses Claws to tell him where the super villains are going to strike next.

Hank Hunter feels like he has a superhero persona himself and the superhero team The Legends of Action City (Dr. Strong, The GreenSpeed, Goddiess, Stretch Man, and Spy Lion) give him the nickname of Cameraman. Even though they hate to admit it, The Legends of Action City (Dr. Strong, The GreenSpeed, Goddiess, Stretch Man, and Spy Lion) actually kind of like Hank Hunter even though Hank Hunter is using their exploits to gain fame for himself.

As the series goes on Hank Hunter and his friends don’t really seek fame anymore. They just want to be heroes because it’s the right thing to do. Then again, they still film most of the fights because they have a successful “UsVideo” channel to run. Later on, most of the money they make will go to charity instead of their own pockets. Hank Hunter is “Cameraman” and the hero that wasn’t needed at first, but is useful in the end!

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