Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Viking Island

Many years ago the Vikings had to hike and sail in search of treasure. One of the Vikings names was Snow White and he was a chief on the Viking ship. Now we go to our heroes who were in a small village. “Mind if I go get a drink, I see a bar,” said Ricky Kenson (Igor). “Who was this guy again,” asked Holly Dog. So we go into a bar and soon we saw Coyote and Ghost inside. “Hey you, your with the Skull Order, I’m going to call the Time Lords okay,” yelled Ricky Kenson. “Hey fine, call them but we have your girlfriend back at our ship,” said Coyote. “What, Judy, you guys have her,” yelled Ricky Kenson. “Yes we do and we’ll kill her if you don’t follow our commands,” said Ghost. “Oh this is taking too long,” yelled Frankie. Then Frankie hit the watch the Time Lords gave him and soon Coyote and Ghost went to jail in the Time Lords prison. “Hey, you guys know where the treasure is,” asked a Viking. It was Snow White the Viking and soon our heroes went on a treasure hunt but soon, they were under attack by Sea Dragons and Water Demons were all around them. “Why were we on this Viking boat again any way,” asked Frankie. Soon our heroes were going to have a big fight. Who will win? Nobody knows! 

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