Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Lost Adventures of Max Storm: Veg Returns Part 3!

The Red Crickets were causing chaos all over the world. Then Red Cricket has the power to bring back the dead so every Red Cricket member who died is alive once more. Our heroes were going to stop the Red Crickets and if possible kill the Red Cricket monster. “Listen I’m not ready to fight again,” said Max Storm. “Don’t worry the Wise Monks know how to kill the Red Cricket,” said Veg. Soon Tony Adams and the Red Bros. became members of the Red Crickets. “Max, kill every Red Crickets that you can,” yelled Veg. “Why master,” asked Chag. “You’ll see,” said Veg. Soon are heroes were fighting the bad guys and winning. Max tried to kill the Skull Slasher, the Red Bros. and Tony Adams but they didn’t die even when Max shot them. The Red Cricket started laughing and Veg told Max to throw a stick of T. N. T. into the Red Cricket monsters mouth. Max did what Veg said and soon the Red Cricket Monster blew up and the Red Crickets started fading away because every member of the Red Crickets were already dead. “What happing to me Max, tell what’s going on,” yelled Skull. Veg was walking with his cane. “You see Fred (Skull) the Red Cricket members were giving blood to the Red Cricket monster so that they can be more powerful and not be able die, since Max killed the Red Cricket monster and that you were a member you are now dieing because the Red Cricket monster is dead,” said Veg. “But how come those other guys were dead and stayed dead until the Red Cricket monster brought them back to life, how come this doesn’t make any sense,” yelled Skull. “They weren’t really dead their sprits lived inside the Red Cricket and he can let them out when he feels like it and since he drank your blood and the Red Cricket is dead, you’re now dying too,” said Veg. “No I’m dying right…,” yelled Skull. Skull was now gone into the afterlife. Max told Chag and Yeti to take care of Veg and let him live with them. So the Red Crickets are no more and our heroes saved the day. Veg now has a home once more.


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