Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Penguin Pole

Holly Dog, AJ Lu, and I were in Penguin Pole and we were off to talk to the King Penguin. As we were walking I saw Frankie Cuffan in an orange robe. “Frankie, why did you join the Phoenix Monks, I thought we were friends,” asked Bucky. “Yah, but here you were the star, you were the god, you had all the power, now, I’m going to kick your ass,” said Frankie Cuffan. Soon I started fighting Frankie, and then as I pushed him on the ground, he soon called the Phoenix Knights. “Don’t worry Bucky, I can take care of the Phoenix Knights, you get Frankie, go,” yelled AJ Lu. Holly Dog and I ran to get Frankie when all of a sudden, we soon bumped into Waddles the Penguin and Moose. “Waddles the Penguin, have you seen a kid in an orange robe,” asked Bucky. “No, but maybe the King Penguin knows something,” said Waddles the Penguin. “Hey, who’s the duck,” asked Holly Dog. “Holly, that’s Waddles the Penguin and his friend Moose,” said Bucky. Soon we were at the ice castle home to the King Penguin. “Hello, what do you people want,” said the King Penguin. “We need information on the Phoenix Monks, do you know anything about them,” asked Bucky. “No, but Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear are acting very suspicious, talk to them,” said the King Penguin. Now off we went to talk to Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

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