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The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Characters Biographies!

Mr. Raccoon is a raccoon who is very smart and very annoying. Mr. Raccoon used to be an annoying babysitter who babysat a little girl who already had a babysitter. Mr. Raccoon was the former head of the Time Lords and a former member of the Skull Lords (the Skull Lords were created after the Time Lords and the Skull Order merged). Mr. Raccoon soon joined the True Heroes and now fights for the good guys.
Joe is a bald young man wearing all blue and is the co-host of “Funtime”. Joe is also the anchorman on the Funtime News Network and a scriptwriter for the Silly Squad’s TV shows.
Funclock is a living green clock that is five feet tall and doesn’t speak at all. Funclock was the original host of Funtime and that’s a job he holds to this day. Funclock is also anchorman on the Funtime News Network and a scriptwriter for the Silly Squad’s many TV shows.
Charlie the Genie is a magical genie who can grant any wish you could think of. Charlie the Genie has brought people back from the dead, built buildings, and even is a good friend. Charlie the Genie is currently inside the True Heroes vault but they’ll take him out when the need him.

Jeff is the owner of a comic book store called “Jeff’s Comic Shop”. Jeff is a mean fat guy who wishes he had a life and is a nerdy bully. Anyone can kick his butt and yet people like to buy comic books from this guy.
Steve the Janitor is a janitor at an elementary school and a good friend of Zach the Frog. Steve the Janitor is also the janitor of the True Heroes headquarters.
Woody Dog is my pet Miniature Schnauzer and he’s replaced Holly Dog as my guardian. Woody Dog is a boy puppy and he loves to play and hump. Woody’s bite is strong and he used it to fight many foes. Woody Dog is my real dog and I think he’s my best friend already.
Smart Raptor is a Velociraptor who took a pill that increased his intelligence and was part of a mad scientist’s experiment to make dinosaurs smarter. Smart Raptor is one of the many dinosaurs who was the mad scientist’s test subjects. Smart Raptor actually was born 65 million years ago but through a time machine arrived in the present. After Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs escaped the mad scientist’s lair they soon found themselves in an entirely new world. Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs went on adventures with a kind hearted female professor and her son who they would befriend later on. Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs basically became superheroes and they fought giant monsters, aliens, giant robots and super villains. Smart Raptor currently works as a school counselor at Binky Bear’s high school. Smart Raptor is also a member of the Silly Squad and a back-up member of The Summon Team.
Mr. Ninja is the mascot of the Action Toon TV Channel and he would tell viewers what is coming up next on the Action Toon TV Channel. Mr. Ninja is the nephew of Uncle “Anime” Akira. Mr. Ninja is an occasional member of the Silly Squad and a back-up member of The Summon Team. Mr. Ninja likes to dance and sing karaoke. Mr. Ninja is also a skilled assassin and a gourmet chef. Mr. Ninja’s current whereabouts are unknown but he’s known to appear out of nowhere whenever he pleases.  
Fatty the Elephant Seal is a new member of the Silly Squad and a very anger elephant seal. Fatty the Elephant Seal is a former drill sergeant and a stand-up comedian. Fatty the Elephant Seal is also a bit of a glutton and loves to eat. Fatty the Elephant Seal is also a bit of an asshole and he likes to be cruel. Fatty the Elephant Seal also loves to smoke cigars. Fatty the Elephant Seal also loves to fight. Fatty the Elephant Seal also has diabetes and he suffered two strokes.
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Flea-Boy the Clown is the clown who founded the Silly Squad Corporation and possibly the richest clown in the world. Flea-Boy the Clown was once a circus clown who was fired from the circus and then soon started the Silly Squad with his friends. Soon Flea-Boy the Clown became one of the most successful business man around. Flea-Boy the Clown still makes occasional appearances on his TV shows and in his movies. Not bad for a circus clown who used to be paid in peanuts.
Lester BarnSwallow is a former mixed martial arts fighter and he is currently the chief of police. Lester BarnSwallow is best friends with Dr. Strong and they work together a lot. Lester BarnSwallow is a legendary police officer who works well with other superheroes. Lester BarnSwallow is probably a true hero even though he has no superpowers, but he has the powers of an ordinary person. Lester BarnSwallow also fought in the U.S. Army and has earned many medals.
Lenny Lynx is a talking cartoon-like lynx from an alternate future. Lenny is in the future the third pope of Buckyism. Before Lenny Lynx became the pope of Buckyism he was a thief and a skilled soldier of the True Heroes army.
Battle Field Bigfoot is a Bigfoot who lives in the world of Battlefield. Battle Field Bigfoot currently lives in the forests of the world of Battlefield and occasionally helps the True Heroes.
Mike Calvert was a former classmate of mine. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson he uses both a gun and a sword to fight off the enemy. Mike drew some pictures of my characters for me and I thought that was nice of him.
Rusty the Changer is very different from the other Changers. He is actually a good guy instead of a bad guy. Rusty was reprogrammed by the True Heroes and now he’s a soldier in the True Heroes army. Rusty is best friends with Stork’s nephew Zach and Zach also repairs him if he’s damaged in battle. Rusty can transform into anything and he’s the only Changer that has emotions. Rusty currently lives in the True Heroes headquarters and he is also a follower of Buckyism.
Rocky Hyrax is a nerdy yet wealthy cartoony hyrax from Cartoon Town. Rocky met George and Molly when he was kidnapped and held hostage by Killshot. Rocky came from a wealthy family and he’s the heir to the family fortune. Rocky soon became friends with George and Molly and now he works with them. Rocky is also the friend/enemy of Lenny Lynx and they have a long history together. Rocky is currently running for mayor of Cartoon Town and hopes he can help end the future wars once and for all.
Broiler was a former Phoenix Monk and a friend of Sai Bong. Broiler was a greasy haired nerdy young man with a pure heart which is a rare thing for a Phoenix Monk. Broiler, Flame, and Sai Bong were soon kicked out of the Phoenix Monks, and the three friends finally became heroes. Broiler was an important piece in the power of the friendship between three special warriors. Even though Broiler gave his last remaining strength to Sai Bong to defeat the enemy…Broiler may actually still be alive.
Moeguya is a very powerful demon and is the very king of the Demon Realm. Moeguya has many followers and was once the head of the Skull Lords. Moeguya is almost immortal but he has died many times only to come back again. Moeguya is one of the most powerful characters ever in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson series.
Mike Storm is the son of Max Storm and Kim Shotwer. Mike traveled to the past to help his parents and Mike, in the future, is a cyborg. Mike Storm helps whenever he can and only when it affects the future. Mike Storm in the present is a preschooler and when he time travels to the past from the future he’s in his 40’s.
Igor is the humped-back lab assistant of Dr. Frankenstein. Igor doesn’t want to be a bad guy he only is because he’s bossed around by Dr. Frankenstein who is almost like a father figure to him.  Igor is now a demon in Hell and he hates being one!
The Shekys (Sheky 1, Sheky 2, Sheky 3, and Sheky 4) are a comedy group who used to be the business rivals of the Silly Squad. The Shekys love to pull pranks on people and they are known to be very annoying. The Shekys all live together in their own apartment and they all share only one bathroom. The Shekys love to make people laugh even if others don’t think they’re funny. But the Silly Squad bought their company out and now they are members of the Silly Squad. Long live The Shekys!
AJ Lu is my real life cousin and we used to work on many books together. AJ Lu in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson is a warrior and a fellow member of the True Heroes. AJ Lu likes hockey and can play the guitar.

Shane Lu is my real life cousin and the brother of AJ Lu. Shane Lu in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson is a wizard and a fellow member of the True Heroes. Shane Lu gets in fights with his brother AJ, but I think they love each other.
Frankie Cuffan is my best friend and a fellow possible author. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson, Frankie Cuffan has been both a good guy and a bad guy but in the end he would still be a fellow fighter in the True Heroes Army. Frankie likes to play World of Warcraft and watching anime.
Anthony Scornavacco is the 17 year old uncle of Frankie Cuffan and one of my best friends. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Anthony fights alongside Frankie and Me in the True Heroes army. Anthony is a lot like Frankie to me.
Evil Dino-Skeleton is a living dinosaur skeleton and the leader of the Skull Lords. Evil Dino-Skeleton only cares about himself and his only wish is to be human. He wants to call himself a god and want Bucky to be out of the picture. Bucky and Evil Dino-Skeleton have had many battles but Bucky always comes out the victor in the end. Evil Dino-Skeleton is basically the devil-like figure in Buckyism.

Diablo the Phoenix is a retarded phoenix that only says the word “Diablo”. Diablo currently lives in Knowledge’s library.

Bone Wings is a living Pteranodon skeleton and the sometime best friend of Evil Dino-Skeleton. Bone Wings is an assassin and was hired to kill Bucky. Bone Wings talks in an Australian accent and is pretty much a douche. Bone Wing’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but Bucky knows he hasn’t seen the last of him.

Knowledge is a genius and he knows everything about everything. Knowledge runs a library which has books about any subject and is also an ally of Bucky. Knowledge is an African-American man wearing a green mask which hides his face. Knowledge is a pretty skilled fight too, but Knowledge may help Bucky but he’s not sure what side he should be on.

Burn is the leader of the Phoenix Monks and the ex-friend of Knowledge. Burn is insane and thinks that people from the real world should rule the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson(later he finds out that he himself is actually a creation of Bucky). Burn has the powers of a phoenix and he is also immortal. Burn is currently working with the Skull Lords after the Phoenix Monks disbanded.

George is from an alternate future where the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson and the real world merge. George is half-human and half-toon and he was the replacement god of Buckyism when Bucky died. George currently fights for the True Heroes army and most stop the Skull Lords.

General Toast was the co-leader of the Phoenix Monks. General Toast currently works for the Skull Lords after the Phoenix Monks disbanded. General Toast is also the only friend of Burn and they have been friends since childhood.

Roxy is the girlfriend of George and a computer whiz. Roxy used to be a slave but was then freed by George. George and Roxy hope to one day save their world.

Chris is the older brother of Roxy and the best friend of George. Chris used to be a member of the Phoenix Monks but soon left and joined the True Heroes. Chris now is the new Knowledge after the original Knowledge died.

Molly Dog is George’s guardian and is a loyal ally. Molly is a descendent of Holly Dog and Molly basically has her personality. Molly will do anything to protect George because that’s her job.

Fred Butler is a clone of Bucky from an alternate future. Fred Butler was found by George and soon Fred Butler joined the True Heroes. Fred Butler is the only clone that survived a cloning project that tried to clone Bucky, who is the god of Buckyism.

Walter Goodson is the son of Judy Brown and Igor. Walter grows up to be a soldier in the True Heroes army. Walter Goodson time traveled to the past to help the True Heroes to prevent the alternate future from which he came from and soon Walter headed back to the future. We don’t know if he had succeeded in his mission of changing the future.

Eric was a former slave and is now the forth pope of Buckyism. Eric was rescued by George from a slave factory farm which was owned by the Skull Lords and he is now a loyal friend of both George and Roxy. Eric is also kind of a nerd and is proud of it.

Rick Rooster is a talking cartoon-like rooster who is also a wizard. Rick met George and soon joined the True Heroes. Now Rick is a wizard in the True Heroes army. Rick Rooster is known for being a morning person and is also known for being an optimistic.

Spike is a weapons expert and a soldier in the True Heroes army in an alternate future. Spike was the one who found George and he rescued him from being killed. George and Spike soon grew a special friendship and Spike thinks of him almost as a brother. Spike is currently the co-general of the True Heroes army.

The Changers are transforming robots that can turn into any vehicle, any animal, or any object. They were invented by X-Eye and Professor Smith and were used as soldiers of both the Skull Lords and the True Heroes. The Changers currently are their own bosses and will start a war with any side.

CJ Horn was a former classmate of mine. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson he was one of the real world people who entered the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. CJ Horn was a soldier and a fellow fighting in the True Heroes army. CJ Horn used to ride on my bus.

Jacob Spencer was a former classmate of mine. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson he’s a gangster-like soldier with wore a gold necklace with a diamond incrusted letter “J” and he had a lot of guns. I don’t remember Jacob that well, after all I was in the 8th grade at the time.

Nina Butler is my sister and I love her a lot. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson she fought alongside us when we need her. Nina is a dancer and a great artist. All in all, me and her fight a lot but deep down we’re friends.

Kenny (last name unknown) was my first African-American friend and a gangster at heart. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Kenny was basically a gangsta soldier, wearing ganger-like clothes and uses guns as weapons. Kenny likes to hit on girls and didn’t mind if you called him black.

Nikki Butler is my sister and I also love her a lot. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson she fought alongside me and Nina. Nikki likes to work out and currently lives in Australia. I miss her a lot.

James Okeeffe is my sister Nikki’s boyfriend and soon to be my brother-in-law. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson James uses a boomerang and fights alongside his new family. James was in the navy and was born in Australia.

Mrs. S was a former teacher’s aide of mine and I credit her for making want to write books. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Mrs. S helped me save the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson and we did it like how we did in the good old days. Mrs. S created Binky Bear, Manatee, and even helped me come up with the idea of Spotty. 

Hoca the Serpent is the huge pet snake of Frankie Cuffan in an alternate future. Hoca is very loyal and will do anything his master tells him. Sadly Hoca was killed by Geroge and Frankie Cuffan was not very sad about his death.

Brock Lu is my real life cousin and in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson he’s a fellow ally of Bucky. Brock Lu appeared as “Sheky 4” and he was with the group in most of its incarnations. Brock Lu sometimes can be a bit of a douche, but he’s still my cousin and a loyal friend. Brock Lu’s main weapon is a paintball gun and his paintballs are poisonous to demons.
Willie is the former janitor of the Time Lords headquarters and he is also known for having Evil Dino-Skeleton’s soul trapped inside his body. Willie’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but some say he’s dead. Also Willie can play the banjo really good and he was also a former country singer.

Professor Smith is a scientist who has helped Stork, and has sometimes been his foe. Professor Smith once fused Hawk and Stork together with a fusing remote control, and he once turned into a giant green monster.

Sikios is a very mysterious man and has a heart of both light and darkness. Sikios is actually a demon but he looks very human. Sikios has long green hair, tattoos all over his body, and pale green skin. He wears a ninja-like mask, and he also wears a black cowboy-like hat. Sikios is also a bounty hunter and a very skilled marital artist. Sikios was rumored to be created from the dark emotions in Knowledge’s heart and so that makes him kind of Knowledge’s other half. Sikios is basically an anti-hero and he picked what side he wants to work for.

Sai Bong is a former Phoenix Monk and a very skilled fighter. Sai Bong is a loyal ally of the True Heroes and uses his phoenix powers for good instead of evil. Sai Bong is also the best friend of Knowledge and Knowledge’s bodyguard. Sai Bong knows every marital art form known to man and he knows a move that can kill a man with one touch. Sai Bong now lives with Knowledge in his library and he can be seen training for his next battle.

Flame was a former Phoenix Monk and a friend of Sai Bong. Flame was a kind hearted young girl who had Sai Bong and Broiler as her best friends. Once they were kicked out of the Phoenix Monks, Flame stayed with her friends because their hearts were all connected.

The Great Phoenix is the powerful phoenix that gave Phoenix Monks founder Burn his powers. After Broiler let it go….Sai Bong, Flame, and Broiler became outlaws. The Great Phoenix thanked them, but now the three friends had to out run the Phoenix Monks before they would kill them. The Great Phoenix’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Fred is an escaped prisoner who makes occasional appearances on the Silly Squad’s TV shows. But sadly Fred’s a criminal and not an official member of the Silly Squad staff.

Mr. Big is the very fat cafeteria chief of the Silly Squad’s cafeteria and he’s very lazy. Mr. Big used to own a restaurant that made really fatting food, but it was closed down by the health department.

Judy Brown is a very beautiful supermodel and the wife of Igor, she is one of the sexiest women alive today. Judy Brown joined the Silly Squad when they entered the “sex sells” phase of the company. She now makes regular appearances on the Silly Squad’s many TV shows!

Sea Anemone, Sea Anemone is a sea anemone who was always being bugged by clown fishes. One day the clown fishes wanted to build a carnival on his head but he only wanted to be in peace. Sea Anemone, Sea Anemone won in the end and he’s left only and sometimes lets clown fish on his head. Sea Anemone, Sea Anemone currently lives in Knowledge’s library in a fish tank with a clown fish.

Where’s Bug is a bug who loves to play hide and seek. Where’s Bug hides in a picture and you have to find him. Where’s Bug was only in a couple books but he was just a small dot on a huge picture.

Pigeon is a pigeon that lives in New York City and hangs out with other birds. Pigeon is very cocky and acts like he’s the coolest guy in the world. His mother lives in France and he visits his mother on occasion. Pigeon’s whereabouts are currently unknown. Pigeon’s favorite food is popcorn and he has many friends.

Cat is a tabby cat who is the enemy of Pigeon and all of the birds in the city. Cat has eaten many of Pigeon’s friends and foes and is a very fat cat. Cat currently lives in an animal shelter and is hoping he’ll roam the streets of New York once more.

Killshot is an ally of George and Molly Dog and the father of Roxy and Chris. Killshot met George in the wastelands of the future and Killshot was a bit crazy. Killshot wears a cowboy hat and holds two hand rifles. Killshot hates cartoons and loves to drink beer. Killshot can be loving father but otherwise he just cares about himself. Killshot is a cocky rebel and a bounty hunter for hire. He is currently fighting for the rebellion in the Future Wars. Also Killshot can play the guitar and he sometimes uses guitars as weapons in combat.

Holly Dog was my pet dog and she was real. Holly Dog is a Miniature Schnauzer and in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson universe my guardian. Holly Dog is very wise and is just as powerful as Bucky. Holly and Bucky may not have a great relationship but Holly Dog will protect Bucky at all costs. Holly Dog has fought demons and even solo, but Holly is just a loyal friend to Bucky. Bucky will always consider Holly Dog as his sidekick, may she rest in peace.

Budweiser the Turtle was my pet box turtle and my co-guardian with Holly Dog. Budweiser the Turtle was named after the famous beer and his nickname was “Buddy”. Budweiser the Turtle was also an enemy of Holly Dog and the chased each other a lot. Budweiser the Turtle was the weaker guardian but he still was a lot of help. Budweiser the Turtle had died a while back and he is now in a better place. R.I.P.

“Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. (Bucky) is pretty much the one wrote this whole book and he’s a real person. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson his characters think he’s god, but he’s think of myself more as a protector then a god (even though in the worlds he created he has godlike powers). He’s pretty much your avenge teenager and he’s pretty shy around people. He has many learning disorders like Aspergers, ADD, OCD, and a lot more. He love dogs and writing books. His dream is that one day he will go into the entertainment industry and become a filmmaker among other things. He still wonders if his adventures in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson were real or just dreams, that’s for you to decide I guess.

Kip the Pirate was a pirate that Bucky fought when he was a merman. Kip was turned into a merman and he then went mad. Kip tried to take over Atlantis with the help of a powerful magical wand but he was defeated by Bucky and Holly. Also Kip was soon turned back into a human again.  Kip was also a member of Peg Leg Lenny’s pirate crew and he later went on to become captain of the Skull Lords navy. Kip’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

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