Monday, June 2, 2014

KWE/BWC Wrestling Staff Biographies!

Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly was a former boxing promoter, and a former KWE manager. He managed The Champ and Ned the Neanderthal. He is also a former KWE color commentator. He is now chairman of the KWE!

Danny Deathlock is Dean Deathlock’s brother. He is a very skilled wrestler, and is a former KWE 6-man tag team Champion. He is now a KWE manager. He is also the co-owner of Deathlock Promotions and he’s a former 12-time Deathlock Heavyweight Champion.

The Fisherman is wrestler who loves to fish. He walks down to the ring with a fishing pole, and even sometimes uses it as a weapon. He is now a KWE manager.

Super Judy is Jack Sport’s sister. She thinks she has super powers and that she can save the world in one day, but she does not have super powers. She wears a mask and even sometimes wears a cape. She has wrestled Beauty Queen once, but she lost. She is now a KWE manager and the occasional valet of Mr. Hero.

The Pimp is a wrestler who acts like a pimp. He always has his whores around and he has won every match he has ever wrestled in. He is a former KWE Champion. He is now a KWE manager and he is an occasional mixed martial artist.

Sumo John is a sumo wrestler from Japan, and he was a former KWE Champion. He is currently a KWE Manager and his protégés include Scott Superstar, Crazy Larry, Gay Pride, and Jack Cutting.

Dirty Jesse weights 500lbs., but is a manager of champions. She managed in her career Gladiator, Dean Deathlock, Freddy Fear, and Grasshopper Gus. She used to be a plus size model and now she is confined to a wheelchair because of her weight. She always wears Hawaiian shirts and tight pants and brings a bucket of chicken with her to the ring.

Mr. Words is a wrestler who knows about every word in the dictionary. He annoys all the wrestlers, and has never won a match in his career. He is now a BWC manager.

The Jazz Man is a wrestler who acts like a jazz singer. He always sings and plays his trumpet outside of the ring. He also uses his trumpet as a weapon. He is now the manager of Viking Rick.

Bad Luck Joe is a wrestler who always has bad luck, and he never won a match in his career. He was born on Friday the 13th and was broke. He had has his own championship called “Bad Luck Belt” and he was the only champion. Bad Luck Joe is now a BWC manager.

Extreme Ian is a wrestler who acts like a skateboarder, and he only does hardcore matches. His main weapon is a skateboard, and has won many matches with it. He is now a manager to Dread. He moved to the BWC with Dread and he also manages Thrash.

Jack Racer is a wrestler who acts like a race car driver. He drives a car to the ring and uses his helmet as a weapon. He is a former 4-time BWC tag team Champion, and he is now a BWC manager.

The Chicago Kid is a wrestler who is proud of being from the city of Chicago. He eats deep dish pizzas and hot dogs. He has a Chicago accent and he is now the manager of Killa.

Dr. Wrestling is KWE wrestling psychologist, and he also tries to calm down the wrestlers. He is also the co-host of “KWE News Show”.  He is also the #2 color commentator in the KWE. And he and Jack Sports are a great commentating team.

Jack Sports is KWE’s youngest color commentator and sometimes called “The Voice of The KWE”. He gets along well with Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly and Mr. Safari. He also an occasional co-host on the “KWE News Show”. 

Movie Star is a wrestler who acts like a movie actor. He is good friends with Spielberg the Bruiser, and he always walks to the ring with an Oscar in his hand. He is now the Chief Operating Officer of the KWE.

Uncle Tony is Jack Sports uncle, and he is always drunk. He bugs his nephew to give him money, well Jack Sports is working. Jack and Uncle Tony even fought each other in a match, and Jack won. He is now the Chief Marketing Officer of the KWE.

Diana Johnson is Mike Manly’s girlfriend and a former female wrestler. She is very sexy and looks like a supermodel. She wears short pants and a sports bra to the ring. She also wears glasses and knows karate. She is the occasional valet of the Manly Family. She is currently the in-ring announcer for the KWE!

Steven J. Butler, Sr. is the real life father of the chairman of the BWC (Steven Butler, Jr.). He is the Chief Operating Officer of the BWC. Mr. Butler isn’t a person you would want to get angry, because he has a quick temper and gets mad at even the smallest of things (like father like son). He was a former BWC Champion and is a part of the “Chairman Order”. His son loves him very much and he probably feels the same way. 

Lucky is a janitor of the BWC Arena. He is also friends with many of the wrestlers. He even gives helpful advice to the wrestlers, and so whenever they have problems they go to him. He was also BWC’s employee of the month (which he had earned seven times).

Alex Norman is a wrestling fan who always goes backstage and is an annoyance to the wrestlers. One day Alex Norman had a match with the chairman “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. and lost. He is still a very annoying fan, and his dream is to be a wrestler. Alex Norman is also the head of the BWC fan club.

Bobby Daniels is a color commentator, and a former interviewer. He was also a manager, and he managed top wrestlers like The Champ, BWK, and Mr. Unknown. He is now semi-retired and he makes occasional on-air appearances on the “BWC Slam!” show.

Sgt. Smash is a former drill sergeant and he is now the strongest wrestler in the BWC. He wears an army helmet and carries a gun with him to the ring. He is also an agent for the U.S. government. He is now the Chief Marketing Officer of the BWC.

Larry Sports is a color commentator. He is a brother of Jack Sports. Larry Sports has his own talk show “Time for Sports”. He is good friends with Bobby Daniels.

Fat Ass Sally is Dean Deathlock’s girlfriend and sometimes Dean’s tag team partner. Sally is called Fat Ass Sally, because she is really thin, but has a huge butt. Fat Ass Sally is also a former porn star and she loves to wear short shorts.

Mr. Ninja is the mascot of the Action Toon TV Channel and he would tell viewers what is coming up next on the Action Toon TV Channel. Mr. Ninja is the nephew of Uncle “Anime” Akira. Mr. Ninja is an occasional member of the Silly Squad and a back-up member of The Summon Team. Mr. Ninja likes to dance and sing karaoke. Mr. Ninja is also a skilled assassin and a gourmet chef. Mr. Ninja’s current whereabouts are unknown but he’s known to appear out of nowhere whenever he pleases.  

Nick is a wizard and the brother of Faterella. He was 14 years old (in the first story) and now he is 40 years old. Nick is a bit of a nerd and was once a slave to his evil stepmother and evil stepsisters. He is now Prince Charming’s royal adviser and he still saves the day from time to time.

Luke McOtto is the oldest son of Kevin McOtto and is also the uncle of Stan McOtto. Luke McOtto has wrestled since the 1980’s and is continuing to wrestle today. Luke McOtto is a former BWC Champion and he is currently a color commentator for Fighting 4 Life Wrestling. Luke McOtto is also co-owner of Fighting 4 Life Wrestling and has power within the company.

Mr. Safari was a wrestler, manager, and color commentator. He grew up in the jungles of Africa. He learned to wrestle from lions and was one with snakes. He is a former 6-time BWC Champion. He is now a color commentator for the BWC and is also an occasional wrestler.

“Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. is the chairman of the BWC. His main weapon is his stick. He is very random, and has ADD. He is a former BWC Intercontinental Champion.

Mr. Cool is the funkiest and coolest hipster around. Mr. Cool is the definition of the word “cool”. He wears a cool hat and holds a cane. Let’s just say Mr. Cool is cool.

Jeff is the owner of a comic book store called “Jeff’s Comic Shop”. Jeff is a mean fat guy who wishes he had a life and is a nerdy bully. Anyone can kick his butt and yet people like to buy comic books from this guy.


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