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Classic Mrs. S Characters Biographies!

Coo-Coo Bird & Dingo are two bitter enemies who live in the Outback and chase each other in a cartoony fashion. Coo-Coo Bird is a screwball and Dingo is just a hungry Dingo. Coo-Coo Bird and Dingo currently appear on the Silly Squad’s many TV shows as guest stars but they still hate each other a lot.

Where’s Bug is a bug who loves to play hide and seek. Where’s Bug hides in a picture and you have to find him. Where’s Bug was only in a couple books but he was just a small dot on a huge picture.

Cat is a tabby cat who is the enemy of Pigeon and all of the birds in the city. Cat has eaten many of Pigeon’s friends and foes and is a very fat cat. Cat currently lives in an animal shelter and is hoping he’ll roam the streets of New York once more.

Pigeon is a pigeon that lives in New York City and hangs out with other birds. Pigeon is very cocky and acts like he’s the coolest guy in the world. His mother lives in France and he visits his mother on occasion. Pigeon’s whereabouts are currently unknown. Pigeon’s favorite food is popcorn and he has many friends.

Lion is a lion who lives in a zoo and he wears a gold crown on his head. Lion was the very first character I ever created and he is rarely seen in new books. Lion thought he was a king but he never really knew he wasn’t really a king of anything.

The Dragon & The Giant are two friends who refused to fight each other for the village peoples amusement and they left the village without a brawl. The Dragon and The Giant are two friends who are not just mythical creatures but also big as a house.

Steve the Janitor is a janitor at an elementary school and a good friend of Zach the Frog. Steve the Janitor is also the janitor of the True Heroes headquarters.

The Knight is a knight who captured The Dragon & the Giant and forced them to fight for the village people’s amusement. The Knight was rumored to have slain both the Dragon and the Giant even though they never had hurt anyone.

Apple & Lettuce were food that was magical brought to life by Mr. Raccoon and caused a lot of trouble. Soon Apple & Lettuce became butlers of Mr. Raccoon and now they currently work in Knowledge’s library and haven’t even begun to spoil.

Super Steven and Super Holly are almost like sidekicks but are actually the strongest superheroes around. Super Steven is a teenager with a bit of an   attitude and creative mind, while Super Holly is a predator at heart. Super Steven does most of the action now-a-days, because Super Holly is a very old dog. For a kid and talking Miniature Schnauzer they are quite a great duo!

Mr. Raccoon is a raccoon who is very smart and very annoying. Mr. Raccoon used to be an annoying babysitter who babysat a little girl who already had a babysitter. Mr. Raccoon was the former head of the Time Lords and a former member of the Skull Lords (the Skull Lords were created after the Time Lords and the Skull Order merged). Mr. Raccoon soon joined the True Heroes and now fights for the good guys.

Evil Pig is a pig that mutated into a giant monster. Evil Pig once attacked a city and he was created by the government to be used as a weapon. Evil Pig was used again by the Skull Lords and soon Evil Pig was fused with a demon called Hellfire. Evil Pig maybe evil but he sometimes helps the good guys on occasion.

Ms. Jay is a school teacher and she owns the class pet Zach the Frog. Ms. Jay is a very good teacher and a favorite teacher of the students. Ms. Jay is thinking about retirement and giving away Zach the Frog to a loyal student.

Zach the Frog is a class pet at an elementary school. Zach once escaped from his cage and went on an adventure around the school. Zach the Frog gets along well with children and misses them when they grow up. Zach the Frog is proud to say he’s a class pet, and he wishes to one day be able to swim in a pond in the wild.

Waddles the Penguin is a penguin who lives in the South Pole and he loves to go on adventures. Waddles has many friends and just as many foes. Waddles debuted at the same time as Spotty but Spotty seemed to be the better character in the end. Waddles currently lives in the South Pole in peace.

Snapper the Snapping Turtle is Catfish Jack’s second best friend. Snapper is very lazy and is almost always sleeping. Snapper watches over Catfish Jack and has saved him from danger a lot. Snapper is very strong and he loves to workout. Snapper isn’t very bright but never get him mad.

Mr. Otter is one of Catfish Jack’s best friends and is a super genius. Mr. Otter is kind of a coward but has been known to save Catfish Jack whenever he’s in danger. Mr. Otter is currently running for mayor in the lake that Catfish Jack lives in.

Catfish Jack is a catfish who lives in a lake that Stork usually fishes at. Catfish Jack is very friendly and has many friends. Catfish Jack always loves to help and is sometimes very shy. Catfish Jack was once afraid of Stork and now they are best friends.

Professor Vulture is Binky’s enemy and school teacher. Professor Vulture is a super genius and is almost a mad scientist. Professor Vulture is rarely doing any evil these days, but he’s known to try and take over the world on occasion.

Wolf is a school bully and Binky Bear’s enemy. Wolf is basically a jerk and he is a master thief. Wolf also is Binky and Donny’s supervisor at their job and he bosses them around. Wolf has also worked with the Skull Lords on many occasions and proves to be more evil then he looks.

Donny the Duck is Binky Bear’s best friend and co-worker. Donny has been friends with Binky since birth. Donny is basically a nerdy con artist but he can be very loyal. Donny the Duck loves to go fishing and swimming.

Cindy Mitchell is Binky Bear’s girlfriend and Binky had a crush on her since he was in the third grade. Cindy Mitchell likes Binky a lot and she is a very nice to people. Cindy Mitchell has a job at a flower shop in town and she currently is trying to become a musician after she gets out of high school.

Binky Bear is a teenage bear who lives in a small town inside a huge forest. Binky Bear likes to go fishing and performing stand-up. Binky Bear is kind of a nerd but has a lot of heart. Binky Bear was even a lumberjack in the Cursed Kingdom. Binky Bear will have plenty more wacky adventures throughout his life.

Snow White the Viking isn’t the strongest Viking but he loves to go on adventures and find treasure. Snow White the Viking is the cook on his ship. Snow White the Viking was frozen in a block of ice and he woke up in the future. Snow White the Viking whereabouts are currently unknown.

Sea Anemone, Sea Anemone is a sea anemone who was always being bugged by clown fishes. One day the clown fishes wanted to build a carnival on his head but he only wanted to be in peace. Sea Anemone, Sea Anemone won in the end and he’s left only and sometimes lets clown fish on his head. Sea Anemone, Sea Anemone currently lives in Knowledge’s library in a fish tank with a clown fish.

Sting the Stingray is a kindly stingray that would only like to be your friend. He’s friends with sea turtles and mermaids. Sting the Stingray currently lives in the ocean and he wouldn’t like anything better!

Manatee is a nice manatee that lives in the ocean, and he’s friends with most of the creatures in the sea. Manatee is very slow and not that bright. Manatee probably eats all the time but he can swim very fast. Manatee was close to being hurt from a fishing boat motor but his dolphin friends saved him. Manatee currently lives in the sea and still has many friends.

Toad and Mouse are best friends and they love to go camping. Toad and Mouse are very kind and they follow their manners. Toad and Mouse have one thing in common, they’re both small but they go on big adventures.

Spotty is a talking dog with ADD and isn’t that bright. Spotty has many friends and just as many foes. He’s been everything from an adventurer to a superhero and he’s even the pope of Buckyism. Spotty is my favorite character and possibly my oldest continuing character. Spotty future is bright, and that’s not bad for an annoying talking dog you can’t help but love (or even hate)!

Kip the Pirate was a pirate that Bucky fought when he was a merman. Kip was turned into a merman and he then went mad. Kip tried to take over Atlantis with the help of a powerful magical wand but he was defeated by Bucky and Holly. Also Kip was soon turned back into a human again.  Kip was also a member of Peg Leg Lenny’s pirate crew and he later went on to become captain of the Skull Lords navy. Kip’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Peter Pan Jr. is the son of Peter Pan and has his father’s personality. Peter Pan Jr. once fought Captain Hook after he killed his father. Peter Pan Jr. is now the guardian of Neverland and he is always fighting the bad guys. Peter Pan Jr. is also a backup member of The Summon Team.

Captain Hook is a mean and nasty pirate who hates children and hates Peter Pan. He loves treasure and raising hell on the seven seas. Captain Hook has been defeated many times by Peter Pan but he’s always looking for revenge. Captain Hook’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but some say he’s dead.

Peter Pan is the boy who’ll never grow up and also a hero and family man. Peter Pan loves to have fun and is a natural born flier. Peter Pan was killed by Captain Hook long ago but his son took his place as the protector of Neverland.

Peter Girl is the wife and sidekick of Peter Pan. She has all the powers of her husband and she’s also a genius. Peter Girl is also immortal and she sometimes wishes she would grow up. Peter Girl was also a backup member of the Summon Team but she’s currently retired.

The Scared Leopard is a cowardly leopard who is afraid of everything. He comes for a long family of brave leopards but yet he grew up to be a natural born coward. The Scared Leopard is also a bit of a jinx and he is also a vegetarian. His only friend is Brabe the Dog and he’s even afraid of him. The Scared Leopard is currently the prime minister of Lion’s kingdom and he’s scared to tell Lion that he’s not a king of anything.

Brabe the Dog is the best friend and the only friend of The Scared Leopard. Brabe the Dog is very brave and he’s also a con artist. Brabe is a mutt and loves to hump The Scared Leopard’s leg. Brabe is also a backup member of the Summon Team and is somewhat lazy in battle.

Robot Blue is a battle robot from space and has been around since the age of the dinosaurs. He was built by XZ and soon Robot Blue became a soldier for the Galactic Universe Federation. Robot Blue met the Super Dudes and soon became a member of the team. Robot Blue hopes to use his powers for the good of the universe and mankind!

Spy Lion (Chris Walker) was a government agent who went on a mission that would change his life forever. X-Eye held him hostage and put him in a fusing machine against his will. Now Chris Walker was half-human and half-mountain lion. X-Eye soon named Chris Walker Spy Lion and Spy Lion was still able to complete his mission. Spy Lion then went into hiding in the forest outside his home city because he thought he had become a monster. But over time, Spy Lion soon became a superhero and began his long association with fighting crime. Sadly, Spy Lion was killed by Exclamation Point and his death stunned the nation. But secretly, X-Eye had cloned Spy Lion and that may mean he may return once more.

Stork is a stork that once used to be a baby delivering stork and is now an insurance salesman. Stork has been known to go on a few adventures and has had many jobs over the years. Stork is the head of the True Heroes organization and an expert gun user. Stork has many friends and is pretty much an average Joe.

Holly Dog was my pet dog and she was real. Holly Dog is a Miniature Schnauzer and in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson universe my guardian. Holly Dog is very wise and is just as powerful as Bucky. Holly and Bucky may not have a great relationship but Holly Dog will protect Bucky at all costs. Holly Dog has fought demons and even solo, but Holly is just a loyal friend to Bucky. Bucky will always consider Holly Dog as his sidekick, may she rest in peace.

Fearsome the Alligator is a bully of Binky Bear and Donny Duck and the best friend of Wolf. Fearsome the Alligator is pretty much a jerk and an asshole. Fearsome the Alligator is also a member of the Silly Squad. Fearsome the Alligator was born and raised in the swamps but now he lives the good life.

The Hero is an action figure that lives in a magical toy store where the toys come to life at night. The Hero is a superhero action figure and he is the ruler of a kingdom inside the toy store. The Hero’s goal is that every toy in his store to be bought by a child and then loved in return by a child. Sadly, since The Hero must run his kingdom he can never know the feeling of being loved by a child. The Hero currently rules his kingdom within the toy store in peace.

Slinky is a slinky and a loyal ally of The Hero. He lives in a magical toy store where the toys come to life at night. Slinky is The Hero’s second-in-command and he’s The Hero’s best friend. Slinky currently lives in the toy store will his friend The Hero.

Doll is the ex-girlfriend of The Hero. Doll looked like a supermodel and she loved The Hero very much. But sadly, Doll was bought by a mother as a gift for her daughter. Doll finally no longer lived in the toy store and now she is finally being loved by a child. Doll currently lives with a little girl and she couldn’t be any happier.

Claw/Skull is an evil action figure and general of The Evil Puppet’s army. Claw/Skull was an action figure of a superhero/monster hybrid. Claw/Skull would soon be defeated by his old rival The Hero. Claw/Skull was soon bought by a mother who gave him to her son. Her son torn Claw/Skull to pieces and Claw/Skull died.

Torti the Tortoise is a friend of Yo the Rooster and a classmate of Binky Bear. Torti the Tortoise is very smart and has an IQ of 200. Torti the Tortoise is also a cheerleader and captain of the chess team. Torti the Tortoise currently attends high school with her friends.

Jag the Jaguar is a friend of Yo the Rooster and a classmate of Binky Bear. Jag is a bit of a jock and he loves sports. Jag also loves to eat a lot and to work out. Jag is also dating Torti the Tortoise and Jag dreams of one day becoming a pro football player. Jag currently attends high school with his friends.

Feather is the young sister of Yo the Rooster and a classmate of Binky Bear. Feather is a bit of a nerd and she also secretly has a crush on Donny the Duck. Feather is also a cheerleader and she works at a flower shop. Feather currently attends high school with her friends.

Ant & Dog are a gay couple and friends of Yo the Rooster. Ant and Dog came out and soon they began dating. Ant works as a hairstylist at a beauty salon while Dog works as a reporter for the local paper. Ant and Dog are currently protesting to allow gay marriage in their state but they both one day wish to start a family of their own.

Yo The Rooster is a friend of Binky Bear and a professional DJ. Yo the Rooster was once a drug dealer and he was in juvenile hall for three years.  But now Yo wishes to one day become a musician. Yo the Rooster is very cool and hip. Yo the Rooster is a bit of a ladies’ man. Yo the Rooster is currently attending high school while trying to pursue a music career.

Devil Devil the Pig is an evil pig that loves to eat other pigs. Devil Devil the Pig soon went mad and wanted more and more bacon. Devil Devil the Pig is also a rival to Evil Pig. Devil Devil the Pig currently is looking for more pig to eat, because he’s a monster.

Bob Nerdy is a nerdy student who loves to get only A+’s on his schoolwork and if he gets any lower grade he’ll go mad. Bob Nerdy is also a friend of Binky Bear and they work together at Mr. Hunter’s Pies Restaurant. Bob Nerdy also loves to play role-playing games and MMOs.

The Mayor of WackyLand is of course the mayor of WackyLand. Spotty met him once and all he did was blink and bark. The Mayor of WackyLand is a creature that is unknown to our planet, what kind of creature the Mayor of WackyLand is we’ll never know.

The Plant Guy (The Boy That Turned Green) is a kid who turned green and became a freak show attraction. He was just an average school kid until one day he started turning into a plant. Everyone treated him like a freak and his story was told by Mr. Raccoon, who was the only person who did not see him as a freak. But don’t worry, The Boy That Turned Green wasn’t a plant for long, shortly after he turned back into his old self and he was soon reunited with his family. The Plant Guy currently attends the same high school as Binky Bear.

Tiger and Vulture are a duo that works well together. Tiger is a cat person and Vulture is Tiger’s pert vulture. Tiger is able to fly because Vulture carries him everywhere. Tiger and Vulture are best friends and Tiger is a prince. Tiger and Vulture currently live in the Jaguar Jungle and Tiger is the general of the cat people kingdom army.

Tinker Bell is Peter Pan’s fairy sidekick and best friend she is always happy to help. Tinker Bell’s magic is very powerful and she is as powerful as a wizard. Tinker Bell tried to bring Peter Pan back to life once but to no prevail. Tinker Bell currently lives in Neverland and shares a bird cage with Peter Pan’s pet bird.

Peter Pan’s Pet Bird wasn’t given a name but he’s Peter Pan’s best friend and a loyal sidekick. Peter Pan’s Pet Bird loved to fly with his beloved owner and he was very upset when he found out Peter Pan had died. Peter Pan’s Pet Bird is also a backup member of the Summon Team and also he loves to wear his brown hat.

Mr. Mango Head is an ally of The Hero and he lives in the magical toy store. Mr. Mango Head is a former manager of The Hero back when The Hero was wrestling. The Hero and Mr. Mango Head have been friends ever since.

Bargain Priced Benny Bear is a teddy bear who once lived inside a bargain bin until The Hero saved him. Now Bargain Priced Benny Bear has become an ally to The Hero and Bargain Priced Benny Bear became the comic relief for The Hero and his men.

Scar is a former enemy of The Hero but now she’s an ally. Scar is the same kind of doll as The Doll but the only difference is that she has a scar across her face and that she speaks in a Russian accent. Scar is currently the general of The Hero’s army. Scar also is beginning to develop a crush on The Hero…but she doesn’t know if The Hero loves her back.

Wise Old Chess Piece is the oldest toy still at the magical toy store and the mentor of The Hero. Wise Old Chess Piece is pretty powerful considering his age in all. And yes he is a living chess piece…I don’t know what kind of chess piece he is but that’s for you to decide.

The Evil Puppet was a living marionette puppet that once ruled one side of the magical toy store. The Evil Puppet hated The Hero for all of his life. The Evil Puppet lost ownership of The Hero’s kingdom because The Hero’s ancestors rebelled against The Evil Puppet’s empire and won. Soon The Hero would defeat The Evil Puppet. Now The Hero is the most powerful toy in the store. Also The Evil Puppet may actually be older then the Wise Old Chess Piece, just to see how long that he has been in power for.

Kombat Jack is a former enemy of The Hero now he’s an ally of The Hero. Kombat Jack is a military action figure and he knows how to fight. Kombat Jack was the mentor of Scar and he is one of the most skilled fighters ever to enter the magical toy store. Kombat Jack now just serves as a mentor to The Hero and Scar who really run the show in the Hero’s kingdom…but old Kombat Jack isn’t done fighting yet.

Smart Raptor is a Velociraptor who took a pill that increased his intelligence and was part of a mad scientist’s experiment to make dinosaurs smarter. Smart Raptor is one of the many dinosaurs who was the mad scientist’s test subjects. Smart Raptor actually was born 65 million years ago but through a time machine arrived in the present. After Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs escaped the mad scientist’s lair they soon found themselves in an entirely new world. Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs went on adventures with a kind hearted female professor and her son who they would befriend later on. Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs basically became superheroes and they fought giant monsters, aliens, giant robots and super villains. Smart Raptor currently works as a school counselor at Binky Bear’s high school. Smart Raptor is also a member of the Silly Squad and a back-up member of The Summon Team.

Mr. Ninja is the mascot of the Action Toon TV Channel and he would tell viewers what is coming up next on the Action Toon TV Channel. Mr. Ninja is the nephew of Uncle “Anime” Akira. Mr. Ninja is an occasional member of the Silly Squad and a back-up member of The Summon Team. Mr. Ninja likes to dance and sing karaoke. Mr. Ninja is also a skilled assassin and a gourmet chef. Mr. Ninja’s current whereabouts are unknown but he’s known to appear out of nowhere whenever he pleases.  

Mr. Sperm Whale is a teacher at Binky Bear’s high school and he’s a hippie. Mr. Sperm Whale loves to attend protests and he’s a bit of a drug addict. Mr. Sperm Whale has been fired many times only to be rehired. Mr. Sperm Whale hates kids but yet he works with them. Mr. Sperm Whale is currently trying to run for mayor of Binky Bear’s hometown. 

Evil Dino-Skeleton is a living dinosaur skeleton and the leader of the Skull Lords. Evil Dino-Skeleton only cares about himself and his only wish is to be human. He wants to call himself a god and want Bucky to be out of the picture. Bucky and Evil Dino-Skeleton have had many battles but Bucky always comes out the victor in the end. Evil Dino-Skeleton is basically the devil-like figure in Buckyism.

Bones is a living skeleton who lives in Holly Land. Bones is basically made out of dog bones and he’s very friendly. Even though Bones is basically living dog chew toy, he couldn’t be any happier.

Mr. Squirrel is an old enemy and an old friend of Holly Dog. They would case each other in a cartoony fashion but Mr. Squirrel would always win in the end. Mr. Squirrel currently lives in Holly Land with other Mr. Squirrels.

Wise Old Squirrel is the leader of the Mr. Squirrels and an enemy of Holly Dog. He’s a bitter old squirrel and he’s basically a dirty old man. Wise Old Squirrel’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but some say he’s still in Holly Land.

Bone Wings is a living Pteranodon skeleton and the sometime best friend of Evil Dino-Skeleton. Bone Wings is an assassin and was hired to kill Bucky. Bone Wings talks in an Australian accent and is pretty much a douche. Bone Wing’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but Bucky knows he hasn’t seen the last of him.





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