Monday, June 2, 2014

Sting the Stingray Meets Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate!

Sting the Stingray was swimming when he saw someone drowning. “Oh my god, someone’s drowning…I better save him,” said Sting the Stingray. Sting the Stingray then saved the life of the drowning man. The man that was drowning was none other than Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate. “Thanks buddy…I owe you one,” said Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate. “Could you help me with that favor now,” asked Sting the Stingray. “What is it,” asked Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate. “Well…my fish friends were kidnapped by a guy named Peg Leg Lenny you heard of him,” asked Sting the Stingray. “Peg Leg Lenny…he’s my mortal enemy…I’ll do anything if it involves pissing off Peg Leg Lenny,” cried Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate. Soon Sting the Stingray in a fish tank of course of aboard Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate’s pirate ship. “Sting, let me introduce you to my pirate crew…the furry giant white guy is Snowball the Yeti…the almost naked guy is Kolry the Zulu Warrior…that’s my pet Rico the Parrot…the drunk guy over there is Roddy the drunk…my co-captain Lewis the farter…my other pet Lucky the dog, and finally my girlfriend Sally Jackson,” said Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate. “Nice to meet you all…hey Sally, you seem familiar….have we met,” asked Sting the Stingray. “We have…but it’s a long story…now let’s just find Peg Leg Lenny and rescue your friends,” said Sally Jackson. “Alright, last time I saw Peg Leg Lenny’s ship it was…oh there it is,” said Sting the Stingray. Soon Peg Leg Lenny and his crew attacked Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate’s ship and then boarded it. “Oh so there’s that stupid stingray my dinner has been blabbing on about,” said Peg Leg Lenny. “You’re going to eat my friends for dinner, WHY,” asked Sting the Stingray. “I was in the mood for seafood…now then, Gus want to play a little game of tic-tac-toe for the stingray…and if you win not only will you be able to stay alive and keep the stupid stingray…I’ll also give you my seafood dinner,” said Peg Leg Lenny. “Okay…I’ll play,” said Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate. Two minutes later, Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate defeated Peg Leg Lenny at their game of tic-tac-toe and Peg Leg Lenny gave Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate his seafood dinner a.k.a. Sting the Stingray’s fish friends. Sting the Stingray was reunited with his fish friends and he thanked Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate and his crew for helping him rescue his friends. Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate then made Sting the Stingray an honorary member of his misfit pirate crew. Everyone lived happily ever after! Except for Peg Leg Lenny who was later captured by the Navy and sent to a dungeon!


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