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Warriors Characters Biographies!

Lee is an elf prince warrior who is a member of the Chosen Four. Lee is cocky and sly and has a way with the ladies. Lee has many friends and just as many foes. Lee married Princess Julia and they had a son. Lee currently his kingdom but has been known to fight evil on occasion.
The Wise Wizard is a very wise and very powerful wizard. The Wise Wizard was the former head of the Wizard’s Court and he was probably its oldest member. The Wise Wizard has had a long career working with the Magical Council and he had trained many young wizards. Sadly, The Wise Wizard died but his legacy will be remembered. The Wise Wizard’s only known family is his brother Salizard.

Harris the Hare is a rabbit and the royal advisor of King Lee. Harris the Hare was rescued by Lee from a bunch of ogres and since then they’ve been good friends. Harries the Hare is known for wearing a fancy vest and a monocle.

Whisp the Ghost is one of Moeguya’s henchmen and is secretly an undercover agent for the Magical Council. Whisp the Ghost is a coward and is very greedy. Whisp has no friend and not even a single enemy. Whisp the ghost is a loner at heart and is not a very scary ghost.
Grag is a troll and is one of Moeguya’s henchmen. Grag is a very greedy troll and is not very powerful. Grag currently is in the Magical Council prison and has no signs of escaping. He used to be a good guy but he soon turned evil for unknown reasons.

Hogar the Viking is a former Viking and a loyal friend of Lee. Hogar the Viking is currently a captain in the Magical Council navy and he also owns a tavern called “The Sleepy Viking”.

Slaka is a fish-man who is a water wizard. Slaka is the third most powerful wizard in the Wizard’s Court right next to Riddle Fox and The Wise Wizard. Slaka is the second oldest member of the Wizard’s Court and also a part-time teacher. Slaka is actually amphibious but his race is called the fish people.

Gully is a huge beast and a former general. Gully is surprisingly a gentle giant. Ever since Lee’s father turned to the dark side, Gully raised Lee like a son. Lee and Gully are still close friends to this day. Gully currently lives in the Magical Council headquarters and has been known to fight on occasion.

Woen the gnome is a gnome and a pretty powerful warrior. Woen is Lee’s best friend and they have fought in many wars together. Sadly Woen was killed by a demon and Lee has lost a true friend and ally.

Tiger and Vulture are a duo that works well together. Tiger is a cat person and Vulture is Tiger’s pert vulture. Tiger is able to fly because Vulture carries him everywhere. Tiger and Vulture are best friends and Tiger is a prince. Tiger and Vulture currently live in the Jaguar Jungle and Tiger is the general of the cat people kingdom army.

Princess Julia is the wife of Lee and the mother of Lee Jr. Princess Julia was known as the dark princess because she was raised by Moeguya. Princess Julia was born a Cyclops but when she got older she started drinking beauty potions. So Princess Julia looked like a beautiful young woman when actually she was a Cyclops. Princess Julia was also a werewolf for a brief period of time. Princess Julia currently lives with Lee in the elf kingdom.

Salizard is the evil older brother of The Wise Wizard and one of Moeguya’s henchmen. Salizard was evil for a long time and he’s been known to try and take Moeguya’s place as the demon king. Salizard is very loyal to Moeguya but he’s just waiting to betray him. Salizard is a pretty powerful dark wizard and is basically power-hungry.

King Lark of the Dragons is the king of the dragons. King Lark is a loyal follow of Moeguya and uses his dragon armies to try and conquer the magical universe. King Lark has been asked many times to join the Magical Council, each time he denied a membership. King Lark is a 7 foot dragon that walks upright like a human, but his people are just common dragons.

Mr. Hats is a dark wizard and one of the most powerful dark wizards around. He is a loyal henchman of Moeguya and he is also Salizard’s mentor. Mr. Hats was also one of the dark wizards of the Skull Lords. Mr. Hats has died many times only to come back to life in mysterious ways.

Grimley the Gargoyle is a gargoyle and is a servant of Moeguya. Grimley the Gargoyle was once a stone gargoyle but Moeguya brought him to life. Grimley is a coward and he is very polite for a villain.

Maten was once the elf king, but now he’s a demon freak. Maten is the father of Lee and unlike Lee he turned to the dark side. Maten went mad and is now a henchman of Moeguya. Maten is insane and he is obsessed with the darkness. Maten was killed many times but somehow he finds a way to come back to life.

Moeguya is a very powerful demon and is the very king of the Demon Realm. Moeguya has many followers and was once the head of the Skull Lords. Moeguya is almost immortal but he has died many times only to come back again. Moeguya is one of the most powerful characters ever in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson series.

Kyle Wizard is the brother of The Wise Wizard and Salizard. Kyle is a dark wizard and he looks like a bodybuilder. Kyle was a former inmate at the Magical Council prison but he soon escaped and he is now working for Moeguya. Secretly, Kyle is actually working undercover for the Magical Council and he is now an ally of The Chosen Four. Kyle hopes to one day become a true hero and no longer be a criminal.

The Grumpers are a race of giant big-eyed long-jawed furry creatures that live in the magical universe. The Grumpers are an endangered species because hunters like to use their skin as an ingredient in magical potions. But The Grumpers are considered to be very stupid and useless creatures by most magical folk when in reality they are a very powerful race of wizard-like creatures. The Grumpers also have the power of super speed and they are really hard to catch. The Grumpers may look frightening but in all reality they are actually quite kind and peaceful.

Riddle Fox is a talking cartoonish magical fox. He helped the Charming family for a long time and taught Nick everything he knew about magic. He has a book called the Big Book which has an article about every person in the universe.

King Loma Lion is the current king of Jaguar Jungle and the father of Melina and Tiger. King Loma Lion is a king that is loved by his people.

Mr. Cecrops is a wizard who his body is the top half of a human and the lower half of his body is a snake. Mr. Cecrops is a member of the Wizard’s Court and is also a teacher of young wizards. Mr. Cecrops is a very smart and very wise wizard.

Slime the Basilisk is the pet basilisk of the Wise Wizard. Slime’s poison is so strong that it can kill a demon (which this is powerful because demons are already dead). Slime was spoiled by the Wise Wizard and Slime liked to have his belly rubbed by his old master.

War The Rhinotaur is a strong warrior who’s part rhino and part human. War is a prince from a kingdom not that far away from Jaguar Jungle. War is tuff and a bit cocky, but he is very smart and noble as well. War joined the Magical Council and began fighting alongside the Chosen Four and is now a loyal ally. War is currently a general in the Magical Council army and he is also the head of his kingdom’s embassy in the Magical Council.

Deadler is the former bodyguard of Ku-Ba Jr. and he calls himself “The Master of Death”. Deadler loves to kill and hurt. Deadler is also a drug addict and Deadler is very insane. Deadler was killed with many other coruptorens.

Sikios is a very mysterious man and has a heart of both light and darkness. Sikios is actually a demon but he looks very human. Sikios has long green hair, tattoos all over his body, and pale green skin. He wears a ninja-like mask, and he also wears a black cowboy-like hat. Sikios is also a bounty hunter and a very skilled marital artist. Sikios is basically a demon spawn created by Oouguya long ago but Sikios lost his memory of his creation. Sikios is basically an anti-hero and he picks what side he wants to work for. Sikios in the Magic Wars universe is a vigilante who helps the poor in the ghettos in Magic Town. Sikios’ weapons are baseball bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, and rakes but he also has demonic powers. Sikios is relented to aid the Magical Council because he thinks the Magical Council runs the magical universe like a police state. But Sikios soon becomes a very powerful ally of the Magical Council and aides them whenever he pleases.

The Spirit Guardian is the god-like leader of the spirit realm. The spirit realm is where all good souls go when they die. The Spirit Guardian is the most powerful wizard in the entire magical universe. The Spirit Guardian also aides the Magical Council’s soldiers whenever they’re in the spirit realm. The Spirit Guardian is very wise and very old. The Spirit Guardian currently lives in his castle inside the spirit realm with his aide the recently deceased Harris the Hare.

Atsushi Ryota and Kazuhiro Ryota are brothers and the henchmen of Mason “The Rebel” Nelson. They are Japanese ninja wizards and they are also Mason’s best friends. Atsushi Ryota looks like a bodybuilder while his older brother Kazuhiro Ryota is short and fat. Atsushi Ryota and Kazuhiro Ryota also don’t get along very well with each other and but deep down they have a great brotherly bond. Atsushi Ryota is also a bit of a ladies man and his brother Kazuhiro Ryota is a bit of a loner. Atsushi Ryota and Kazuhiro Ryota currently are soldiers in the Magical Council army and they are also an occasional musical duo with Atsushi Ryota singing and Kazuhiro Ryota playing violin.

Kip the Pirate was a pirate that Bucky fought when he was a merman. Kip was turned into a merman and he then went mad. Kip tried to take over Atlantis with the help of a powerful magical wand but he was defeated by Bucky and Holly. Also Kip was soon turned back into a human again.  Kip was also a member of Peg Leg Lenny’s pirate crew and he later went on to become captain of the Skull Lords navy. Kip’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

The Green Demon is a rare green-skinned demon who is a misfit in Hell but a superhero in the mortal realm. The Green Demon is one of the few demons to be kind hearted instead of being evil. The Green Demon decided to become of a superhero because he wanted to prove that he can be the good guy. The Green Demon’s powers include invisibility, super strength, super speed, flight, fire breath, and the ability to heal others. The Green Demon mostly works alongside Goddiess but he’s occasionally known to aid the other “That Spells Action Heroes!” The Green Demon is actually the biological son of Demon King Mogw and he has a bit of a feud with his father.

Red Rhino is an obese female red skinned demon and the rival of The Green Demon. Red Rhino is called Red Rhino because she has one long horn sticking out of her forehead. But before Red Rhino became an obese red skinned demon, she used to be a sexy thin mortal supermodel. But when she died, she went to Hell and as a punishment for her sinful ways Satan turned her into a monstrous demon. Now Red Rhino is a very powerful super villain of the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and just plain evil. Red Rhino was also once the best friend of Ms. Condor before she died but now she is her enemy. Red Rhino also has a short fuse and loves to fight. Red Rhino also secretly has a crush on The Green Demon even though their enemies. Red Rhino currently lives in Hell only to come to the mortal realm to wreak havoc upon it.

The Fairy Queen is a fairy superhero who came from an enchanted meadow and left it to become a superhero. The Fairy Queen has blue skin, deer-like horns, wings, and she can grow to any size she wants. The Fairy Queen is one of the few female superheroes that works alongside the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and one of the few magical “That Spells Action Heroes!” The Fairy Queen is also the queen of the fairies and she has a pet white dragon named Snowie. The Fairy Queen wants nothing more than world peace and to make the children of the world happy.

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