Monday, June 2, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Castle Saloon Town again-part 1

Dark West lives in a strange wild west town, he is really Todd Fredstone the Sheriff’s deputy, but what makes this place strange is that it has different time periods in one, like 1400’s, 1700’s, and even dinosaurs roam around. Todd became Dark West when he met Polbm the Wizard, who gave him knight’s armor and a sword and he became Dark West. And by the way he calls himself Dark West, because he’s from the Wild West and is a knight from the Dark Ages! Bucky, Woody Dog, Frankie Cuffan, Anthony Scornavacco, and AJ Lu were walking around in the desert when Frankie soon noticed something flying in the sky. “Hey guys, I think I see a dragon flying in the sky,” cried Frankie Cuffan. Soon the flying creature landed and it was Bone Wings. “You again,” cried Bucky. “Hello mates, long time no see, now I guess it’s time to kill ya,” said Bone Wings. Bone Wings was about to attack when from out of nowhere he was stabbed in the back with a sword. “Who had a sword,” asked Woody Dog. Soon our heroes saw Zygurat from behind Bone Wings. “Look you freaking Pteranodon skeleton, I’m the one who is going to kill god around here,” said Zygurat. “Wait, what’s your name,” asked Anthony Scornavacco. “My name is Zygurat, why do you ask,” asked Zygurat. “Dude, a character I created is in a world created by my friend’s friend, awesome,” said Anthony Scornavacco. “Wait, you’re Anthony my creator, nice meeting you, sorry I have to kill your friend,” said Zygurat. Soon Bone Wings stood up and pulled the sword from out of his chest. “No one stabs me and gets away with it,” yelled Bone Wings. Bone Wings attacked Zygurat and soon Bone Wings and Zygurat were fighting each other. “Quick, while our enemies are fighting each other let’s find Dark West and check out for any more Skull Lords soldiers,” said Bucky. Soon our heroes fled the scene and Zygurat and Bone Wings were still fighting each other until Terry the Tapir broke them up. “Come on you guys, we’re allies not enemies,” said Terry the Tapir. “Well screw you guys I’m getting the hell out of here, I guess you guys can kill Mr. Butler for me, see ya later,” said Zygurat. Soon Zygurat fled the scene and then Terry the Tapir pulled out a bottle of whiskey and started drinking it. “Come on, we have to go, besides, in this world there’s a saloon, you can drink as much as you want when we take it over,” said Bone Wings. Terry the Tapir soon finished the whole bottle of whiskey in five seconds. “Since that was my last bottle of whiskey I guess we can head into town,” said Terry the Tapir. Now it seems a bottle will be fought in Castle Saloon Town. Who will win we’ll never know!

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