Monday, June 9, 2014

Dream Cast For The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Movie: Part 5!

Woody Allen as Manatee

Donnie Wahlberg as Hawk

Thomas Middleditch as Deer

Liam Neeson as General J.

Bruce Dern as Wise Wizard

Channing Tatum as Gay Pride

J. K. Simmons as Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly
Kim Kardashian as Fat Ass Sally

Rebel Wilson as Amy Supersize

Gary Oldman as Night Watch

Olivia Munn as Judy Brown

Benedict Cumberbatch as Evil Dino-Skeleton

Kevin Spacey as Burn

Michael Fassbender as Mr. Raccoon

Sir Patrick Stewart as Lion

Matt Damon as Robot Blue

Ryan Reynolds as The GreenSpeed (Gus Speed)

Tim Robbins or Mickey Rourke as Ivan the Crusher

Richard Dreyfuss as Dr. Hurt

Johnny Knoxville as Stunt Duck

Sarah Silverman as Annoying Girl

Matthew McConaughey as Mr. Cool

Clint Eastwood as The Knight

Seth Rogen or Danny McBride as “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr.

Rip Taylor as Happy New Year Ghost

Josh Gad as Transfoom

Josh Brolin as Killax the Destroyer

Scarlett Johansson as Scar

Max von Sydow as Wise Old Chess Piece

Jake "The Snake" Roberts as Jake the Last Storyteller

Kate Upton as Ms. Giant (Dr. Vicky Good)

Michael Jai White as Paul Ziser

Batista as Roncor

Keith Richards as The Wonderful Walrus

Mickie James or Jennifer Lawrence as Faterella

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