Monday, June 16, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in the Cold Kingdom

The Yeti is a mysterious monster, the Yeti is so powerful the only way to kill it is with the Ice Sword, but the Ice Sword can only be used by its chosen one. Who is the chosen one? Holly Dog and I were walking in the snow. I soon saw something in the sky. “Hey,” yelled Bucky. Whatever it was it was landing. It was Tiger and Vulture. “Hey didn’t I see you two in the Lost Kingdoms,” asked Tiger. “Yah, are you heading to see an old friend,” asked Bucky. “Yah, you two look cold come with me,” said Tiger. So Holly Dog and I were walking with Tiger and Vulture to the Cold Kingdom, and we were being watched, by the Yeti. “Errrr,” roared the Yeti. Then the Yeti soon saw a purplish-blackish portal and out comes Mr. Hunter and Coyote. “Hey Yeti, want to make a deal,” said Coyote. “Hey he looks like a stupid giant monkey, how can we make a deal with him,” said Mr. Hunter. “Why, Mr. Hunter will tame the monster,” said Coyote. Soon we were having dinner with Prince Polar Bear of the Cold Kingdom. “Holly, keep a look out for a Yeti,” said Bucky. “Wait, how come this Yeti is a bad guy, Snowball was on our side,” asked Holly Dog. “Because he is going to kidnap the…,” said Bucky. Then the Yeti popped out with some Demons with the Skull Lords logo on their bellies. “Holly let’s kill these demons,” yelled Bucky. We soon killed all the demons, but Yeti kidnapped the prince. “Tiger and Vulture let’s team up,” said Bucky. Now Tiger, Vulture, Holly Dog, and I were going to save the prince. Will we find him? Nobody knows!

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