Monday, June 2, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Hero City again-part 1

Now we go to a roof of a huge skyscraper in Hero City where a meeting of the Super Dudes rival group The Sinisters is being held. “Hello gentlemen, we have some news, I made a deal with the Skull Lords and they’ll bring an army of demons here if we can kill the Super Dudes, and in return, we The Sinisters will co-rule Hero City, now who’s with me,” said Satan. “I have a question or something,” asked Color Man. “Ask away,” said Satan. “Okay, why do we need Skull Lords demons when you’re the ruler of hell, don’t you have your own demon army,” asked Color Man. “Indeed I do, but they’ve told me things about Hero City, that it’s actually a whole world in a universe created by a teenager,” said Satan. “So, if we kill the Super Dudes, we will rule Hero City, but if there’re multiple worlds, why can’t we….,” asked Dr. Duck. “Enough, now we must kill the Super Dudes and then the world will belong to The Sinisters,” yelled Satan. Satan and The Sinisters started laughing evilly. “I wouldn’t be celebrating if I were you guys,” said a mysterious voice. Satan turned around and saw Fred. “Who the heck are you,” yelled Satan. “My name is Fred, and I escaped from a prison in Comic Book World, so I’m basically a felon on the run from the law,” said Fred. “So Fred, you come from another world, and you’re a convict, how about you join us,” said Satan. “Look, I need to go because they may be watching me, but all I can tell you guys is that you shouldn’t trust The Skull Lords, basically you guys won’t rule anything, and you’ll just serve under the leadership of Evil Dino-Skeleton, it’s a freaking raw deal, you won’t rule shit,” yelled Fred. “Enough, Keeper throw this guy off the building, now,” yelled Satan. “Right boss,” said the Keeper. The Keeper then picked up Fred and threw him down to the ground from the top of the skyscraper. Fred landed on the ground and surprisingly he was still alive. “Damn, I hope god can kick all there asses,” said Fred. Fred soon saw a blackish-purplish portal open up and then he saw Coyote and Terry the Tapir walk out of it. “Oh no, not you guys again, what do you want with me,” yelled Fred. “Look, Moeguya is going to take over this world, so, this is your only offer to come with us and join the Skull Lords, and if you don’t, you’ll be in prison for life,” said Coyote. “Fine, I’ll go with you guys, not because I want to, but because I’m running out of hiding places,” said Fred. “Well come on, we mustn’t keep Moeguya waiting,” said Coyote. Soon Coyote and Terry the Tapir walked into the blackish-purplish portal. Fred sighed and then went into the blackish-purplish portal. “I hope the Super Dudes can try to save the day,” said Fred while he was walking into the blackish-purplish portal. Now our adventure in Hero City begins!

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