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Magic Wars Characters’ Biographies: Part 1!

Justin Longfellow is a warrior who fought Vikings and in the Magic Wars and training to become stronger and stronger. Justin Longfellow grew up believing a man named Paul Longfellow was his father but in reality Justin was the son of a god. Justin is now semi-retired from fighting because he has a family to raise and some wounds to heal.

Paul Longfellow was the father of Justin and Lacey Longfellow. He was killed by his evil brother Babaduse and Justin wanted to wish him back to life. But instead they chose not to but Paul will surely not be forgotten.

Lacey Longfellow is the sister of Justin Longfellow and the wife of Snow White the Viking. Lacey is a good inventor and teacher. She currently runs the family shoe shop while her husband and son fight in the Magic Wars.

Vanessa is the wife of Justin Longfellow and they were in love for a long time. When Justin first met Vanessa she was an ugly troll, but Vanessa soon told Justin of their past and they began to fall in love all over again. Vanessa currently helps run the shoe shop with Lacey.

Babaduse is an evil Viking leader and the uncle of Justin and Lacey. Babaduse has been killed and brought back to life so many times it’s hard to keep track. Babaduse’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Alex White is Snow White’s brother and he has gone back and forth from being a bad guy or a good guy. Alex White was once a Viking leader until he made a couple of mistakes and lost the title of a Viking leader. Alex White’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Dinky the Bernese Mountain Dog is Snow White’s dog. Dinky currently lives in the Longfellow shoe shop and awaiting his master’s return home.

Timmy Tanuki is a trickster and a con man that goes back and forth from good guy to bad guy. Timmy Tanuki was last seen in the Magical Council headquarters delivering some news to Snow White about him becoming a father. Timmy Tanuki is friends with Senp, Jimmy, and Patrick Pangolin.

Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard was a very powerful wizard that was trapped in a ruby for millions of years until he was freed by Moeguya’s henchmen. Ku-Ba was soon defeated by Sith with the help of the Chosen Four killed Ku-Ba thus ending his terror over the magical universe.

The Anti-Four (War, Famine, Pestilence, & Death) were created by Moeguya to destroy the magical universe they soon disobeyed his commands and then they went to wreak havoc across the magical universe. War was their leader and he is the most heartless and evil of the group. Famine the female member is not as powerful as her brothers but is actually a little nicer to her victims. Pestilence was a crazy nut job who loves to kill and his touch can make some creatures die. Death is a silent killer and he is the most mysterious member of the Anti-Four. The Chosen Four soon defeated the Anti-Four and they were gone. Famine however had a change of heart and became a good guy. Famine then married Jimmy and they had a daughter together.

Tubbles the Wise is the reincarnation of the Wise Wizard in the form of a shy fat nerdy kid. Tubbles soon became a great and powerful wizard. Plus he eventually lost weight as well. Tubbles soon married Penny We and they would raise a family together.

Edward Bully is an evil wizard who worked with Moeguya. Edward became a wizard due to Tubbles giving him magical powers out of anger. Edward bulled Tubbles a lot and soon Edward didn’t want to be a good wizard…he thought darkness was the way to go. Edward Bully is currently locked up inside the Magical Council prison.

Penny We (Wild Girl II) is the daughter of Curt We and Elizabeth. Penny We is a wizard and she fought in the magic wars. She soon married Tubbles and they would live together happily raising a family. Penny We (Wild Girl II) used to feel self-conscious about her appearance but then when she met Tubbles…she wasn’t alone in her belief.

Chris We is the son of Curt We and Elizabeth and the older brother of Penny We. Chris We used to be cursed in the form of an ogre, but when he met his true love Ayako, the curse was soon broken. But sadly when Chris We was turned back into a human, Ayako turned out to be a dragon and the daughter of King Lark. After Ayako went to jail, Chris We began to date Angelina Longfellow so I guess he still has a chance to find another true love.

Princess Ayako Lark is the daughter of King Lark and the former lover of Chris We. Ayako met Chris when she was working for Moeguya. Ayako took the form of a beautiful young woman to break Chris’s heart and release the darkness within it. But she really began to fall in love with Chris…so she didn’t want to work for Moeguya anymore. But sadly, Ayako Lark being the heir to the dragon throne and the dragons being enemies of the Magical Council…Ayako Lark was forced to go to the Magical Council prison for life. Ayako was soon killed by the death sentence and Chris’s heart broke that day. Ayako was kind hearted…but due to her family background…she was killed for the safety of others.

Devon Lee is the son of Christy and Lee Jr. Devon Lee is a nerdy cat person who would one day become a legendary wizard, Devon Lee followed in his family’s footsteps and became a hero. Devon Lee soon married Stephanie Sith and they would raise a family together. Also Devon Lee is friends with Tubbles the Wise, and they had a lot in common being nerds who were bullied by the popular kids.

Stephanie Sith is the daughter of Scott Sith and Loka the Clown. She looks like a clown-coruptoren hybrid. She became a wizard and soon she would marry Devon Lee. Stephanie Sith was also very good friends with Penny We (Wild Girl II). As a gift, Sith gave Stephanie “the annilator” passing down from grandfather to granddaughter. Stephanie Sith is currently a teacher at the Wizard’s Court school.

Brie J.F. is the daughter of Famine and Jimmy and the wife of Snow White Jr. Brie J.F. inherited her parents demonic powers and her personally was a little of both Famine and Jimmy combined. Brie J.F. fought in the Magic Wars and soon she would settle down with Snow White Jr. They would soon have a family together while there was peace through the magical universe.

Angelina Longfellow is the daughter of Justin Longfellow and Vanessa. Angelina joined the Magical Council and she would soon fight in the magic wars. Now Angelina and Chris We are dating each other and Angelina began to fall in love with Chris. Even though Angelina has a grade school crush on Edward Bully, it now seems more likely that her and Chris were meant to be.

Snow White Jr. is the son of Lacey Longfellow and Snow White the Viking. Snow White Jr. joined the Magical Council and fought in the closing years of the Magic Wars. Snow White Jr. then married Brie J.F. and they were about to raise a family together. Snow White Jr., like his father, was a powerful warrior in the end.

Patrick Pangolin is a magical shaman and a wish granter. Patrick is kind of a con artist and sometimes the wishes he grants backfire. Patrick is a long-tailed pangolin and he speaks with a Cajun accent. Patrick rarely cares about others and mostly cares about himself. Patrick was once a loyal henchman of Moeguya but now he works for the Magical Council. Patrick is a member of the Wizard’s Court and is also a backup member of the Summon Team. Patrick is also friends with Jimmy and Senp and he also loves to play poker.

Loka The Clown is a female clown who is actually a species of magical creatures that look like clowns. She doesn’t wear clown makeup but natural skin colors are that of a circus clown. She has big feet and wears big floppy clown shoes. Loka is a member of the Wizard’s Court and the girlfriend of Scott Sith. Scott used to be scared of clowns but then he met Loka and soon the two fell in love. The Magical Council saved Loka from an evil ringmaster and now Loka is fellow fighter in the Magic Wars. Loka is also the best friend of Christy and Christy is also a bit of Loka’s mentor in magic. Loka currently lives with Scott in the magical universe and is hoping to one day reunite with her parents who are still with the evil ringmaster as his slaves. Loka The Clown is also a backup member of the Summon Team.

Kyle Wizard is the brother of The Wise Wizard and Salizard. Kyle is a dark wizard and he looks like a bodybuilder. Kyle was a former inmate at the Magical Council prison but he soon escaped and he is now working for Moeguya. Secretly, Kyle is actually working undercover for the Magical Council and he is now an ally of The Chosen Four. Kyle hopes to one day become a true hero and no longer be a criminal.

Nick is a wizard and the brother of Faterella. He was 14 years old (in the first story) and now he is 40 years old. Nick is a bit of a nerd and was once a slave to his evil stepmother and evil stepsisters. He is now Prince Charming’s royal adviser and he still saves the day from time to time.

Prince Charming (Wild Man) is Faterella’s husband and true love. He may have good looks now but way back when he was ugly and in a freak show. He was the Wild Man a freak with hair all over his body, and fangs. He was 27 in the first story, and now he is 67 years old. He now also has Alzheimer's disease.

May Charming (Melted Girl) is the sister of Prince Charming. When she was little she was burned real badly (that’s why she was called the Melted Girl at the freak show). Nick had a crush on her, but when he found out what she really looked like, he stopped loving her completely. She is now 40 years old and a loving aunt.

Barney Scott is a detective who loves the newspaper. He worked for Mr. We to look for his lost freak the Wild Man. But he wasn’t a bad guy, and soon he became good friends with Nick and the Charming family. Barney Scott helps Nick whenever he can (for the right price).

Elmo the Griffin is the Charming family’s pet griffin. Nick and May Charming found him as a baby with a broken wing in Magic Town. And he is now a full grow griffin (about the size of a Great Dane). He is Ben Charming’s best friend.

Ben Charming (Wild Man Jr.) is the son of Faterella and Prince Charming. He was 18 years old when he found out the past of his parents. He looks just like the Wild Man (his dad), and unlike his dad he chose to stay the way he was born (instead of having a beauty spell). Ben Charming is now married to his longtime girlfriend Sally, and will take over the Charming Kingdom when his dad dies.

May Charming Jr. is the daughter of Faterella and Prince Charming. She was very popular at school, and had a boyfriend named Rob. She now uses a beauty spell (because without it she weights 400lbs.). She is now married to Rob.

Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate is a pirate captain of the lamest crew of pirates in the seven seas. He met Faterella and the gang when Mr. We kidnapped his crew member Snowball the Yeti. Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate is still on good terms with the Charming Kingdom, and helps the Charming Kingdom whenever he can. But he is on the most wanted list because he’s a pirate, and he’ll be a pirate for the rest of his life! 

Alfred Charming is the brother of Prince Charming and May Charming, he is an evil wizard. He hates his brother and sister and he has tried to kill them many times. He was soon killed by Nick, and was soon brought back to life by Dark Mark. He is now the co-general of Dark Mark’s army.

Mr. We is a very bad ringmaster. He runs Mr. We’s carnival and freak show. He treated all of his freaks like they were monsters, and that’s what made him a bad guy. He has tried many times to get his number one freak back The Wild Man, but he always failed.

Dark Mark is the father of Faterella and Nick. He is an evil king and a very strong warrior. He rules Dawn Kingdom with an iron fist. He is going to try to take over the Magical Universe and possibly Charming Kingdom.

El Killo is a Lucha Libre wrestler and he killed Faterella. He was known for illegal cock fights and he has killed half you opponents in the ring. He is now working for Dark Mark. Also he has some demon blood in him, and now he has super strength (with the help of the demon blood).


Sally is Ben Charming’s girlfriend, and she loves him very much. She helped save Ben from Mr. We while he was the Wild Man. They soon got married, and Ben later found out that her father was Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate and that her real name is Sally Peterson Jr.

Rob is May Charming Jr.’s boyfriend, and they soon got married. He is 6-feet tall and used to play football. He and May soon got divorced and Rob now is a pro-football player for the Charming Kingdom’s pro-football team.

Lisa is Nick’s wife and a former demon. She used to be a demon that took over a dead woman’s body. She soon fell in love with Nick and then Nick helped her become human. She is now human and a member of the royal family of the Charming Kingdom.

Jamie Charming (Wild Girl) is the daughter of Ben and Sally Charming. She is a Wild Woman or a furry person like her father and grandfather. She is treated like a mentally challenged person, and doesn’t like that. She has a crush on a boy from her school, but is too shy to talk to him. Plus she thinks she’s ugly. But you never know, they could hook up.

Curt is the son of Nick and Lisa. He is a wizard in training and is a bit of a nerd. He is very good friends with his 2nd cousin Jamie Charming, and by the way they are the same age. Curt is currently married to Melina and they had one daughter together. Curt is also a member of the Chosen Four and he is the current head of the Magical Council. Curt is one of only a few wizards who knows both light and dark magic. Curt is friends with Lee, Hector, and Sith (who are the other members of the original incarnation of the Chosen Four) and Curt is also known to be shy but a good leader.

Riddle Fox is a talking cartoonish magical fox. He helped the Charming family for a long time and taught Nick everything he knew about magic. He has a book called the Big Book which has an article about every person in the universe.

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