Monday, June 2, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Gifted Labs!

Insane Dog Catcher was in a government lab to steal a chemical called Chemical G1, which was going to be tested by 3 government scientists. The three government scientist’s names are Dr. Bob Scott who was in a wheelchair, Dr. Alan Dean who was blind, and Dr. Vicky Good a very fat young woman. “Finally, I General Insane Dog Catcher can steel chemical G1,” yelled Insane Dog Catcher. “Hey who are you,” yelled Dr. Bob Scott. “Please wheelchair boy, just go away so I can steal chemical G1,” laughed Insane Dog Catcher. Then security guards came and caught Insane Dog Catcher. Soon, well Insane Dog Catcher was in a holding cell, he pulled out a black whistle with a skull on it and blows it. Then Demons were everywhere. “Demons, get me chemical G1, now,” yelled Insane Dog Catcher. Soon Budweiser and I were walking around the government lab, and we bumped into Dr. Alan Dean. “Hey, Budweiser this is the one of the guys who can help us,” whispered Bucky. “But he is blind, how can he help us,” asked Budweiser the Turtle. “Let’s follow him to his lab,” said Bucky. So, Dr. Alan Dean let us walk with him to the lab and soon we meet Dr. Bob Scott. “Bucky, these people are freaks,” said Budweiser the Turtle. Soon, Dr. Alan Dean bumped into Dr. Vicky Good. “Man, your fat stop eating those donuts,” yelled Dr. Alan Dean. “How do you know I’m over weight, your blind,” asked Dr. Vicky Good. “No, but I bumped into your gut all the time,” said Dr. Alan Dean. “Bucky, is that Faterella,” asked Budweiser the Turtle. “Hey talking turtle, next fat joke and your turtle soup,” said Dr. Vicky Good. Soon Dr. Bob Scott was going to test chemical G1 on a lab monkey, and the monkey was in a different room. Soon as Dr. Bob Scott put chemical G1 in an air vet which goes to the room the monkey was in. The monkey started mutating. Then a big explosion of chemical G1 was all over the lab. Are friends were now getting super powers! But which ones?         

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