Monday, June 2, 2014

KWE/BWC Wrestlers’ Pets Biographies!

Hank the Hippo is Bopf the Witch Doctor’s pet hippo. Bopf found Hank in a lake, and soon tamed him. Hank the Hippo even does tricks (like a dog).

Paulie is the dog of Dirty Jesse and is a very mean little dog. She bites the wrestlers and never stops barking. Paulie always walks to the ring with her master and is a helper to Dirty Jesse’s protégés.

Larry the Boxing Kangaroo is The Champ’s pet kangaroo. Larry had a feud with Hank the Hippo. He came to the BWC with his master, and he even had a boxing match against The Champ.
Little Red is Mr. Safari’s pet Red Panda. Mr. Safari found him in the Himalayas. He moved to the BWC with his master and he is always humping someone’s leg.

Rat the Rattlesnake is Mr. Safari’s pet snake. He first joined the wrestling business in “Mr. Safari’s Jungle Show”. He also moved to the BWC with his master Mr. Safari.
Holly Dog is the former chairman’s pet dog, and is also his best friend. Holly Dog always tries to kill Little Red but never does. She is a Miniature Schnauzer and is 11 years old (In dog years she’s in her 70’s). Holly Dog also has been a guest referee in a BWC Championship match between The Champ and Mac Machine.

Woody Dog is my pet Miniature Schnauzer and he’s replaced Holly Dog as my guardian. Woody Dog is a boy puppy and he loves to play and hump. Woody’s bite is strong and he used it to fight many foes. Woody Dog is my real dog and I think he’s my best friend already.

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