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Magic Wars Characters’ Biographies: Part 2!

Roupy the Minotaur is a Minotaur and a soldier to the Magical Council. He is very good friends with Nick, Barney Scott, and Riddle Fox. He is now semi-retired and helps the Magical Council when they need him.

Faterella is a queen who was once a sumo wrestler. Faterella had a crush on Prince Charming for a long time, but she thought that she was too ugly and too fat to ever get a chance to date him. Then one day she was turned into a beautiful woman by Riddle Fox. After that the life of her and her brother Nick changed forever. Soon Faterella married Prince Charming and they soon had a family together. Sadly Faterella died of natural causes and she asked to not be wished back to life (because this was the second time she died).

Henry K. Faun was the head of the Magical Council which is basically a group that wants peace throughout the magical universe. Henry K. Faun was a good man and he came from a wealthy family. Henry used that money to form the Magical Council. Henry K. Faun sadly passed away and his dreams of peace are still trying to be followed.

Adam We is the grandson of Mr. We and the ex-husband of Jamie Charming. Adam We fell in love with Jamie when she turned herself into a beautiful woman temporary. Adam We became a member of the Charming family and Adam and Jamie had one son. Adam We is currently running the family carnival.

Moeguya is a very powerful demon and is the very king of the Demon Realm. Moeguya has many followers and was once the head of the Skull Lords. Moeguya is almost immortal but he has died many times only to come back again. Moeguya is one of the most powerful characters ever in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson series.

Jessica Kinling is a princess who was once cursed and turned into an ogre by a wizard. Jessica Kinling used to be a spoiled brat and the outer beauty of people instead of their inner beauty. Jessica thought that no one could ever fall in love with an ogre, but then she met Arthur Willings. Soon Jessica and Arthur fell in love with each other. Arthur then kissed Jessica and the curse was broken. Soon Jessica and Arthur got married and had a daughter. Jessica Kinling finally has her own happily ever after.

Arthur Willings was a peasant who wanted to be a knight. Arthur then became a knight for his home kingdom and he was soon ordered to go to the Cursed Kingdom to slay the evil monster that lives there. But Arthur fell in love with the monster who was actually a beautiful princess who was cursed. Soon Arthur broke the curse and now Arthur is a king. Arthur still loves Princess Jessica to this day and is proud that she’s his wife.

Roddy Komp is Arthur Willings best friend and fellow knight. Roddy didn’t want to be a knight but he became a knight to help Arthur out. Soon Roddy met a girl named Amy (who was in the form of a king cobra) and they fell in love. Now Roddy lives in the castle with Arthur and he couldn’t be any happier.

Amy is a lady-in-waiting to Princess Jessica and Amy is also Jessica’s best friend. When her kingdom was cursed, Amy was cursed as well. Amy was turned into a king cobra and Amy hoped that someone will fall in love with Jessica and break the curse. Amy soon met Roddy Komp and they fell in love with each other. Soon the curse was broken and Amy was human again. Amy and Roddy got married and had a son. Amy now lives in the castle with her husband and son.

Sparky the dragon is the pet dragon of Princess Jessica. Princess Jessica met Sparky when she was cursed again and Jessica discovered that she had the power to talk to dragon. Sparky now lives in the castle with Jessica and her family and has basically become a member of the Kinling family.

Stacy is the daughter of Jessica Kinling and Arthur Willings. Stacy was a kind hearted young woman who soon was turned into an ogre like her mother. Stacy soon fell in love with her loyal servant and best friend Hector. Hector then kissed Stacy and Stacy turned back into a human again. Stacy and Hector had two twin daughters and now run the kingdom together. Stacy thinks that she isn’t the last one in her family to be cursed and she thinks the curse will continue.

Hector is a king and a member of the Chosen Four. Hector didn’t know he was a prince because he was raised as a servant (his parents were killed when he was a baby). Hector soon fell in love with Princess Stacy and soon they got married. Hector then joined the Magical Council and made a lot of new friends. Hector is currently back running the kingdom while his daughter is a member of the Chosen Four.

Prince Gary is an evil prince and a former member of the Black Knights. Prince Gary was once a handsome prince who wanted to kill the monster of the Curse Kingdom. But he failed to kill the monster and he also failed to break the curse. Soon Prince Gary was trying to seek revenge but Prince Gary was turned into an ogre by the wizard Beardy. Prince Gary was last seen as a henchman of Moeguya and he is currently in the Magical Council prison for life.

Prince Leon was a handsome prince who wanted to marry Princess Stacy but it turned out he wasn’t her true love. Prince Leon currently rules his kingdom and is rumored to be married to someone else.

Tod Komp is the son of Amy and Roddy Komp and a friend of Hector and Stacy. Tod Komp is kind of a nerd and a little bit of a coward yet he’s willing to help anyway he can. Tod Komp currently lives in the castle with his friends and family. Tod Komp also is a great chef and he can cook any meal.

Lee is an elf prince warrior who is a member of the Chosen Four. Lee is cocky and sly and has a way with the ladies. Lee has many friends and just as many foes. Lee married Princess Julia and they had a son. Lee currently his kingdom but has been known to fight evil on occasion.

The Wise Wizard is a very wise and very powerful wizard. The Wise Wizard was the former head of the Wizard’s Court and he was probably its oldest member. The Wise Wizard has had a long career working with the Magical Council and he had trained many young wizards. Sadly, The Wise Wizard died but his legacy will be remembered. The Wise Wizard’s only known family is his brother Salizard.

Harris the Hare is a rabbit and the royal advisor of King Lee. Harris the Hare was rescued by Lee from a bunch of ogres and since then they’ve been good friends. Harries the Hare is known for wearing a fancy vest and a monocle.

Whisp the Ghost is one of Moeguya’s henchmen and is secretly an undercover agent for the Magical Council. Whisp the Ghost is a coward and is very greedy. Whisp has no friend and not even a single enemy. Whisp the ghost is a loner at heart and is not a very scary ghost.

Grag is a troll and is one of Moeguya’s henchmen. Grag is a very greedy troll and is not very powerful. Grag currently is in the Magical Council prison and has no signs of escaping. He used to be a good guy but he soon turned evil for unknown reasons.

Hogar the Viking is a former Viking and a loyal friend of Lee. Hogar the Viking is currently a captain in the Magical Council navy and he also owns a tavern called “The Sleepy Viking”.

Slaka is a fish-man who is a water wizard. Slaka is the third most powerful wizard in the Wizard’s Court right next to Riddle Fox and The Wise Wizard. Slaka is the second oldest member of the Wizard’s Court and also a part-time teacher. Slaka is actually amphibious but his race is called the fish people.

Gully is a huge beast and a former general. Gully is surprisingly a gentle giant. Ever since Lee’s father turned to the dark side, Gully raised Lee like a son. Lee and Gully are still close friends to this day. Gully currently lives in the Magical Council headquarters and has been known to fight on occasion.

Woen the gnome is a gnome and a pretty powerful warrior. Woen is Lee’s best friend and they have fought in many wars together. Sadly Woen was killed by a demon and Lee has lost a true friend and ally.

Tiger and Vulture are a duo that works well together. Tiger is a cat person and Vulture is Tiger’s pert vulture. Tiger is able to fly because Vulture carries him everywhere. Tiger and Vulture are best friends and Tiger is a prince. Tiger and Vulture currently live in the Jaguar Jungle and Tiger is the general of the cat people kingdom army.

Princess Julia is the wife of Lee and the mother of Lee Jr. Princess Julia was known as the dark princess because she was raised by Moeguya. Princess Julia was born a Cyclops but when she got older she started drinking beauty potions. So Princess Julia looked like a beautiful young woman when actually she was a Cyclops. Princess Julia was also a werewolf for a brief period of time. Princess Julia currently lives with Lee in the elf kingdom.

Salizard is the evil older brother of The Wise Wizard and one of Moeguya’s henchmen. Salizard was evil for a long time and he’s been known to try and take Moeguya’s place as the demon king. Salizard is very loyal to Moeguya but he’s just waiting to betray him. Salizard is a pretty powerful dark wizard and is basically power-hungry.

King Lark of the Dragons is the king of the dragons. King Lark is a loyal follow of Moeguya and uses his dragon armies to try and conquer the magical universe. King Lark has been asked many times to join the Magical Council, each time he denied a membership. King Lark is a 7 foot dragon that walks upright like a human, but his people are just common dragons.

Mr. Hats is a dark wizard and one of the most powerful dark wizards around. He is a loyal henchman of Moeguya and he is also Salizard’s mentor. Mr. Hats was also one of the dark wizards of the Skull Lords. Mr. Hats has died many times only to come back to life in mysterious ways.

Grimley the Gargoyle is a gargoyle and is a servant of Moeguya. Grimley the Gargoyle was once a stone gargoyle but Moeguya brought him to life. Grimley is a coward and he is very polite for a villain.

Maten was once the elf king, but now he’s a demon freak. Maten is the father of Lee and unlike Lee he turned to the dark side. Maten went mad and is now a henchman of Moeguya. Maten is insane and he is obsessed with the darkness. Maten was killed many times but somehow he finds a way to come back to life.

Snowball the Yeti is a yeti pirate who was found in the Himalayas by Gus Peterson and his crew. Gus Peterson soon grew a friendship with Snowball. Snowball the Yeti currently serves in the Magical Council navy.

Kolry the Zulu Warrior is a tribal soldier who joined Gus Peterson’s pirate crew. Kolry is pretty much normal guy even though he is a witchdoctor. Kolry currently serves in the Magical Council navy with the others who were once apart of Gus Peterson’s pirate crew.

Rico the Parrot is the pet parrot of Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Peg Leg Lenny is Gus Peterson’s number one enemy. Peg Leg Lenny was once a pirate captain but he soon lost everything when he lost a tic-tac-toe game to Gus. Peg Leg Lenny was last seen as the captain of Moeguya’s navy and he’s currently in the Magical Council prison.

Roddy the drunk is a pirate who is always drunk. Roddy died of alcohol poisoning and before his passing he served for the Magical Council navy along with the other pirates in Gus Peterson’s crew.

Lewis the farter is Gus Peterson’s second-in-command and Gus’s best friend. Lewis is known for his horrible farts and that’s how he got his name. Lewis currently serves for the Magical Council navy and still eats plenty of baked beans.

Lucky the dog is the pet dog of Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate. Lucky is a very loyal friend of Gus Peterson and he still is seen by Gus’s side to this day.

Poseidon is the god of the sea and an ally of Gus Peterson. Poseidon is the father of Gus’s wife Sally Jackson and he likes his son-in-law a lot. Poseidon currently lives in the city of Atlantis as its king.

Sally Jackson is the wife of Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate and the grandmother of Jamie Charming. Sally Jackson used to be a mermaid but was soon turned into a human and she has always been in love with Gus Peterson since the day they met. Sally Jackson currently lives in the Charming Castle with her new family.

Sith is a coruptoren (basically he looks like a demonic one-winged angel) and a member of the Chosen Four. Sith trained with the Black Knights and soon betrayed them after he found out he was a magical creature (because the Black Knights kill magical creatures). Sith followed his own rules for awhile and then he met Curt and soon they became friends. Now Sith works for the Magical Council and teaches the new Chosen Four how to fight.

Senp is a greedy half-dog and half-monkey creature who met the Chosen Four and is now a part of the Magical Council. Senp is also a shape shifter and can magically change his appearance to look like anyone. Senp currently hangs around the Magical Council headquarters and basically mooches off people.

Melina is a cat person (half human and half cat), the wife of Curt, and the princess of the kingdom of Jaguar Jungle. Melina met Curt when she disguised herself as a beautiful human girl and they soon fell in love with each other. Soon Curt found out Melina was actually a cat person but they stilled loved each other. Melina is also a witchdoctor and a member of the Wizard’s Court. Curt and Melina soon got married and had a daughter. Melina currently lives with Curt at the Magical Council headquarters.

Hellfire is a huge demon-like creature that has the body of a gorilla, the teeth of a shark, tentacles hanging from his long mouth, and is one of the most powerful beings in the magical universe. Hellfire tried to destroy and recreate the magical universe but he was killed by Curt. Hellfire then returned to the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson where he fused with Evil Pig and now goes by the name of Pigfire.

Jimmy is the retarded brother of Hellfire and looks like a big demon with a huge helmet-like head. Unlike his brother Hellfire, Jimmy had a good heart and soon joined the side of light. Jimmy was turned into a human by Charlie the Genie and now hangs around the Magical Council headquarters with his buddy Senp.


King Loma Lion is the current king of Jaguar Jungle and the father of Melina and Tiger. King Loma Lion is a king that is loved by his people.


Zygurat is a former friend of Sith and now captain of his own crew of demon pirates. Sith always thought that Zygurat was his brother, but instead they weren’t biological brothers but they were still loyal friends. Zygurat used to be a Black Knight and he was also a henchman of Moeguya. Zygurat is currently in the Magical Council prison for life but he’s still gets visits from his old friend Sith.


Charlie the Genie is a magical genie who can grant any wish you could think of. Charlie the Genie has brought people back from the dead, built buildings, and even is a good friend. Charlie the Genie is currently inside the True Heroes vault but they’ll take him out when the need him.


Curt We (Wild Man III) is the son of Adam We and Jamie Charming (Wild Girl). Curt We is an ally of both incarnations of the Chosen Four. Curt We was the first person to travel though time successfully with the use of a time spell and was even trained as a wizard (even though he has no magical powers). Curt We is currently dating Elizabeth who is the first real girlfriend he had ever had.


Lee Jr. is the son of Lee and Princess Julia and Lee Jr. is a member of the new incarnation of the Chosen Four. Lee Jr. is handsome and strong for a young man. Lee Jr. has almost the same personality of his father and is currently dating Christy the daughter of Lee’s friend Curt.

Christy is the daughter of Curt and Melina. Christy is a bit of a nerd and just like her mother a cat person (half human and half cat). Christy had a crush on Lee Jr. but she thought he was way out of her ledge. Christy is also a wizard like her parents and is a member of the new incarnation of the Chosen Four. Christy is also a princess and even though she’s a nerd she has been called beautiful.

Elizabeth is the daughter of Hector and Stacy. Elizabeth was cursed as a child and she turned into an ogre. Elizabeth is a member of the new incarnation of the Chosen Four. Elizabeth always dreamed of find her true love and she soon get. Elizabeth is currently a beautiful human girl and is dating Curt We (Wild Man III), her true love.

Felicity is the twin sister of Elizabeth and she is a mean girl. Felicity was a bully to Elizabeth and Christy and only preferred beautiful people. Felicity now works for Moeguya and is now one of his henchmen.

Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow) is the son of Sith and he is also a prince. Scott Sith used to have a dual identity called “The Lone Shadow” and he used a crossbow has his main weapon. Scott soon met Curt We and Scott is now a member of the new incarnation of the Chosen Four. Scott is a bit of a loner and he is very funny. Scott Sith is the best friend of Lee Jr.

Mr. Cecrops is a wizard who his body is the top half of a human and the lower half of his body is a snake. Mr. Cecrops is a member of the Wizard’s Court and is also a teacher of young wizards. Mr. Cecrops is a very smart and very wise wizard.


Happy the Griffin is the pet griffin of Curt We and Elizabeth. They found him in the wild and now Happy is almost like their first child to them.


Slime the Basilisk is the pet basilisk of the Wise Wizard. Slime’s poison is so strong that it can kill a demon (which this is powerful because demons are already dead). Slime was spoiled by the Wise Wizard and Slime liked to have his belly rubbed by his old master.

Bucky Potter is a “Harry Potter” parody and starred in a home movie I made when I was a kid. Bucky Potter and his friends reenacted the first “Harry Potter” book and it was poorly done. Bucky Potter is currently training in the Wizard’s Court and he is also a back-up member of The Summon Team.

War The Rhinotaur is a strong warrior who’s part rhino and part human. War is a prince from a kingdom not that far away from Jaguar Jungle. War is tuff and a bit cocky, but he is very smart and noble as well. War joined the Magical Council and began fighting alongside the Chosen Four and is now a loyal ally. War is currently a general in the Magical Council army and he is also the head of his kingdom’s embassy in the Magical Council.

Moeguya Jr. is the son of Moeguya and a former student at the Wizard’s Court school. Moeguya Jr. grew up as a mortal but soon realized not only did he have magical powers but he was part demon too. Moeguya Jr. soon went on a rampage and Moeguya Jr. nearly killed everyone inside the magical universe. Moeguya Jr. like his father is pure evil and heartless. Moeguya Jr. also wishes to be human and he rarely shows his true demonic form.

Dexter the Ape Man is an ape creature who lives in the jungles of the magical universe. He is the father of Lalu and he is a former alpha male. Dexter the Ape Man currently works on freeing his people from slavery. Dexter the Ape Man is also a skilled fighter.

The General is a very evil man and a general of a huge empire. The General is very power hungry and he is a ruthless killer. The General wants nothing but to be emperor himself. The General was killed by Ryū and his soul currently is in the Demon Realm.

Ryū is the son of Emperor Fo-Pong and a very skilled samurai warrior. Ryū was raised by thieves and didn’t know he was royalty until his kingdom needed him. Ryū saved his people and now he is emperor himself. Ryū also fought in the Magic Wars and is a member of the Magical Council army.

Emperor Fo-Pong is the father of Ryū and the former emperor of a proud kingdom. Emperor Fo-Pong is a skilled fighter and he was loved by his people. He was killed by The General many years ago.

Ling-Hoh is a huge talking panda and a martial arts master. Ling-Hoh has trained many great warriors and lives in a temple in the Far East. Ling-Hoh is a great dancer and he is very kindhearted. Ling-Hoh currently entering retirement but he will train fighters once in a while.

Lalu is the wife of Ryū and a very powerful wizard. Lalu was once cursed as an old woman by day and a beautiful young woman by night. Ryū broke Lalu’s curse and they fell in love with each other. Lalu was once human but now she’s an ape creature again. Lalu was actually born an ape creature but was adopted by humans who turned her human. Lalu currently teaches at the Wizard’s Court school.

Lo-Chow is the father of Lalu and Huan and a very powerful wizard. Lo-Chow was once a student of the Wise Wizard but soon went to work for his uncle The General. Lo-Chow would soon return many years later to the Wizard’s Court and Lo-Chow is currently a Wizard’s Court elder.

Huan is the younger brother of Lalu and he is also a Ryū’s royal adviser. Huan was once cursed as a rock creature but once the curse was broken he turned back into his nerdy self. Huan currently lives in Ryū’s kingdom and occasionally visits the magical universe.

Ken Joesu is the son of The General and an enemy of Ryū. Ken Joesu is not only a martial arts master but he posses magical powers as well. Ken Joesu was once thought to be the Chosen One but he was in fact just pure evil. Ken Joesu’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

King Tojo Lark is the son of King Lark of the Dragons and the brother of Princess Ayako Lark. King Tojo Lark is warlike and power hungry. King Tojo Lark is actually the only friend of Moeguya Jr. King Tojo Lark was killed but he was resurrected by Moeguya Jr. King Tojo Lark currently lives in the Demon Realm.

Ku-Ba Jr. is the son of Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard. Ku-Ba Jr. is very cocky and powerful. Ku-Ba Jr. is proud to be a coruptoren and he follows in his father’s footsteps. Ku-Ba Jr. was killed and now he lives in the Demon Realm.

Knahag is the former bodyguard of Ku-Ba Jr. and Knahag is also former student of the Wizard’s Court school. Knahag is always training to become a stronger fighter. Knahag used to be a bad guy but he is now a good guy. Knahag is also the godfather of Kenny White and the second coruptoren alive. Knahag currently works for the Magical Council in special missions.

Kenni-Munk is the former bodyguard of Ku-Ba Jr. and a very skilled fighter. Kenni-Munk is very cocky and cruel. Kenni-Munk is also a very stylish coruptoren and loves to dress cool. Kenni-Munk was killed by the Magical Council.

Deadler is the former bodyguard of Ku-Ba Jr. and he calls himself “The Master of Death”. Deadler loves to kill and hurt. Deadler is also a drug addict and Deadler is very insane. Deadler was killed with many other coruptorens.

Kenny White is the son of Snow White Jr. and Brie J.F. Kenny White is half-demon and half-human. Kenny White is a very powerful soldier who hates to fight. Kenny White always wanted to be an artist. Kenny White soon married Betty (Wild Girl III) and is currently raising a family with her.

Ernest B. Faun is the current CEO of the Faun Magical Potions Corporation and the last living heir to the Faun family fortune. Ernest B. Faun is the grandson of Magical Council founder Henry K. Faun and one of the richest people in the magical universe. Ernest B. Faun is very cheap and yet very caring at the same time.

Walter We is the son of Chris We and Angelina Longfellow. Walter We is a very strong warrior and the best friend of Kenny White. Walter We is currently a general in the Magical Council army.

Betty (Wild Girl III) is the daughter of Tubbles the Wise and Penny We (Wild Girl II). Betty is very smart and posses magical abilities. Betty is currently married to Kenny White after a couple of months of dating. Betty (Wild Girl III) is also a great dancer and poet.

King Gary Golem is a clay golem who lead a revolt of the golem race. King Gary Golem is a very special golem with a thing a golem never had…a soul. King Gary Golem was created by an old man who made golems for a living. King Gary Golem hates man but yet wants to be man. King Gary Golem also wished to be a god and his wish was granted. King Gary Golem formed an alliance with Moeguya Jr. and King Gary Golem was eventually defeated by the Magical Council. King Gary Golem only wanted golems to be considered equals but he soon wanted them to be dominate.

Dimmy Dodo is a talking dodo and the pet of Kenny White. Dimmy Dodo is a blabbermouth and he is very loyal Dimmy Dodo is currently a chef in the Magical Council cafeteria. Dimmy Dodo is actually very intelligent and Dimmy loves to play chess.

Roger Lee is the son of Devon Lee and Stephanie Sith and he is half-cat person and half-coruptoren. Roger Lee is a very powerful wizard and he is a prince. Roger Lee is very nerdy and he is a bit of a class clown. Roger Lee is married to Emily and they would soon raise a family together. Roger Lee is also a collector of comic books and he plays role-playing games in his free time.

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