Monday, June 2, 2014

The Lost Adventures of Max Storm: Veg Returns Part 2!

“Why are we here Skull this is not government business,” asked Mike Red. “We are going to free a monster called the Red Cricket I need your help and by the way we’re all fired remember,” yelled the Skull Slasher. Skull and the Red Bros. got fired for a top secret reason. “Got the jewels to open this door,” yelled Skull. “Here catch,” yelled Mike Red. Skull catches them and puts them in the door. A big light appeared and soon the Red Cricket monster was soon free. “I’m free now I can take over the world after I get some help doing it,” yelled the Red Cricket. The Red Cricket Monster looks like a giant, red skinned cricket. “Listen I’m Fred a former Red Cricket and maybe the last and only one,” yelled Skull. “Well I can bring back to life two Red Cricket masters,” yelled the Red Cricket. Soon, Long the leader and co-founder of the Red Crickets came back from the dead. Then he also brought back from the dead Mr. Arms a giant man who has four arms and who knows karate as well. “Master I’m alive once more what is our mission Oh great one,” asked Long. “We the Red Crickets are going to take over the world and I will bring back every member who was in the Red Crickets,” yelled the Red Cricket. Max and Veg were going to the Himalayas to see Max’s old karate teacher Chag, who is one of the last Wise Monks the other is Yeti. “Max, please don’t go,” said Kim. “I have the Maxmobile ready I’m not fighting evil again I’m just taking Veg to see Chag,” said Max. “Whose Veg,” asked Kim. “Veg is my old teacher this is a little wired but he is a dog, a talking dog,” said Max. Then Max said good bye to Kim and off to the Himalayas they went. Max found Chag’s cave/house. “Mr. Storm what is it,” asked Chag. “Veg has come back to life I found him he is right here,” said Max. Chag then looked at Veg and petted him on the head. “Chag I remember you, we need your help and also Yeti’s too,” yelled Veg. “Why,” asked Chag. “The Red Cricket’s back and the Apocalypse is going to start right now,” said Veg. The Red Crickets are now causing chaos all over the world. May it be the end? Nobody knows!


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