Monday, June 2, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Monster Country

“Look you guys it’s Max Storm,” yelled Bucky. Then soon we saw Max Storm fighting a werewolf. Max Storm killed it. “Hello what do you guys want,” asked Max Storm. “Well we are here to stop The Skull Order can you help us,” asked Bucky. “Yes I will let’s go back to the Maxmobile okay,” said Max Storm. “Dad is that you,” asked Mike Storm. “What do you mean,” asked Max Storm. “Well you see Max, Mike is your real son from the year 3000 and he is now a general of the Time Lords army but he really is your son,” said Bucky. Now we go to a government lab. “So you to found a skeleton of a Pterandon with a symbol of a skull on its body, you also said it was a live when you found it,” asked Skull.  The Skull Slasher used to help Max Storm, now he works for the U. S. government. “Yes, its body is somehow full of life,” said Mike Red. “I shot it down with a rifle,” said Rick Red. The Red Bros. were a monster hunting bros. who work for the U.S. government. “Listen you idiots The Skull Order wants Bone Wings back or else we will kill you,” yelled Insane Dog Catcher. Then Demons and Living Velociraptor Skeletons were all over the room. “Hey let’s make a deal,” yelled The Skull Slasher. The deal was that the Skull Order and The Skull Slasher and the Red Bros. would team up to kill god. Will our heroes be able to stop them nobody knows!


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