Monday, June 2, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 again in Charming Kingdom

Faterella and Prince Charming are now a mom and dad. There kids Ben Charming and May Charming Jr. they are 18 years old. They are both popular at school. Ben has friends and a girlfriend Sally, May Charming Jr. has lots of friends and a boyfriend named Rob. But little did they know was that Mr. We had hired a detective to look for the Wild Man. The detective’s name is Barney Scott. Barney Scott is a middle aged man who loves to read the newspaper. Soon Barney Scott was going to look for the Wild Man at Charming Kingdom. Now we go to Mr. We’s office. “Once I get my money making freak again I’ll be rich,” said Mr. We. Then a blackish-purplish portal popped out and Coyote walks out. “Hello, Mr. We want to make a deal, again,” asked Coyote. “Hey, I remember you, you and your friend made me lose my best freak,” said Mr. We. “Listen, I can get some boys for you to look for the Wild Man, for free,” said Coyote. “Ok, it’s a deal,” said Mr. We. Then Bounty Hunter INC. came out and soon they were going to Charming Kingdom. Budweiser the Turtle and I were at the Charming Kingdom. “Holly, come on we have to go to Charming Castle,” said Bucky. Then we bumped into Barney Scott. “Hey kid, see any odd things,” asked Barney Scott. “Ah, like that demon behind you,” said Budweiser the Turtle. Then Demons with the Skull Lords logo on their bellies were everywhere. Then we killed all the Demons and then Night Watch and his pet owl Oliver were right behind me. “Hello, time to die god,” yelled Night Watch. Then Frankie Cuffan came and hit Night Watch on the back. Then AJ Lu and Shane Lu came running down to us. “Bucky, a guy named Komodo King took your sister, and we need to look for her,” said Frankie Cuffan. “Hey Bucky, whose Komodo King,” asked AJ Lu. “He was a Super Dudes villain I made up before we did Super Dudes together,” said Bucky. Then I told Barney Scott to go with Frankie Cuffan, AJ Lu, and Shane Lu, well I try to go save my sister Nina with Budweiser the Turtle. Soon our heroes were at Charming Castle. They were now going to find out something. But what?

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