Monday, June 2, 2014

Spotty Goes On Piper’s Pit!

Roddy Piper walks down to the ring because it’s time for “Piper’s Pit”. “I hear I have to talk to some talking dog, that’s bullshit, I’m Roddy Piper, well let’s start it,” said Roddy Piper. Spotty walks down to the ring. “Hi Hot Rod, so how’s life treating you,” asked Spotty. “I have cancer, but you think your so tuff,” yelled Roddy Piper. “Dude, I know you can kick my ass, so why I’m I here again,” said Spotty. “What the hell is wrong with you,” yelled Roddy Piper. “I have ADD, so that means I don’t pay very good…what was I talking about again,” said Spotty. “I’m so going to kick your ass,” yelled Roddy Piper. Then Roddy Piper and Spotty started wrestling, then Spotty pinned Roddy Piper. “1, 2, 3, Spotty wins,” yelled the referee. “Wow, you suck,” laughed Spotty. “Oh, a wise guy, I want rematch dam it,” yelled Roddy Piper. “Oh, don’t have one with me, say hello to a friend of mine,” said Spotty. Then Andre the Giant comes running down to the ring and kicks Roddy Piper’s ass. “Thanks dude,” said Spotty. “Any time,” said Andre the Giant. Then Spotty leaves the ring. “Well, that was weird, I hope I never see that guy again,” said Roddy Piper.


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