Monday, June 2, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in The Fishing Forest again-part 1!

Woody Dog and Diablo the Phoenix were walking by the lakeshore and they soon saw Binky Bear, Cindy Mitchell, and Donny Duck fishing. “I think those are the good guys,” said Woody. “Diablo, Diablo,” said Diablo the Phoenix. They soon went up to Binky Bear and his friends. “Hello, my name is Woody, I work with the True Heroes and I was wondering if you saw any demons,” said Woody. “Guys, I think I’ve caught something,” yelled Donny Duck. Donny soon pulled his fishing pole and our heroes soon saw a huge Water Demon. “Water Demons,” cried Woody Dog. “What are those things,” cried Cindy Mitchell. “Hello, they’re Water Demons and they are the bad guys, now do you know anything else about…,” yelled Woody Dog. From out of nowhere Wolf appeared. “Guys, I’m here to tell you Professor Vulture had captured one of those things in the lake and is dissecting it,” said Wolf.  “Wolf, last time these things were around you were controlling them, make them go away,” yelled Binky Bear. “Look, the Skull Lords already told me to kill you guys, but I’ll make a deal with you, you free the Water Demon from Professor Vulture and give it back to me, I won’t kill you guys,” said Wolf. “Alright, we’ll see Professor Vulture, but Wolf you better get rid of these Water Demons,” said Binky Bear. “I’ll get on that,” said Wolf. “Diablo, you watch Wolf we’ll we see Professor Vulture, and before I go…,” said Woody Dog. Then Woody handcuffed Wolf and then tied his legs with rope. “Diablo, guard him, we’ll deal with him later,” said Woody Dog. Now we go to Professor Vulture’s cave/laboratory where he is dissecting the Water Demon he captured. “Amazing, this specimen in otherworldly, nothing none on Earth, I don’t know how it came to this world,” said Professor Vulture. “I’ll tell you how,” said a mysterious voice. It was Evil Dino-Skeleton. “Where did you come from, and what do you know about this otherworldly creature,” cried Professor Vulture. “Well let’s just say you should not be thinking about science but magic,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “Magic, there’s no such thing,” said Professor Vulture. “Magic is real, but that’s not the reason I’m here, I came here for that part of the machine, ring a bell Professor,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “Oh yes that machine part, it took me a couple of months to make, but it’s finished and it’s on that tape in the black box, like the letter said to put it in,” said Professor Vulture. Evil Dino-Skeleton grabbed the black box with the machine part inside of it. “Thanks for your help to merge the worlds, now then, The Skull Lords need you to do one more thing,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “What,” asked Professor Vulture? It seems that Professor Vulture is about to make a deal with The Skull Lords.  Can our heroes stop him in time? Nobody knows!

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