Monday, June 9, 2014

Magic Wars Characters’ Biographies: Part 3!

Emily is the daughter of Ryū and Lalu and the wife of Roger Lee. Emily is a very powerful wizard and she is very sexy. Emily is also quite shy and a bit of a nerd. Emily actually is human even though he mother is an ape creature. Emily currently a senior at the Wizard’s Court school and Emily is also training with Ling-Hoh on the side.

Bradford Jr. is the son of Marlette and Bradford. He is a Velociraptor and has his mother’s personality. Bradford Jr. is very shy and a little nerdy. Bradford Jr. is a little clumsy and he’s also a very fast runner. Bradford Jr. wishes he could be handsome human being instead of a Velociraptor. Bradford Jr.’s best friend is Gottfried and they have a lot in common. Bradford Jr. someday wishes to have a girlfriend and have a family. Bradford Jr. also is a very skilled basketball player.

Sandra is the daughter of Alecia and Garett. She is half-kangaroo half-goat shape shifter and he speaks in an Australian accent. She is tuff and a like bit of a tomboy. Sandra is a bit of a feminist but she secretly wishes to be a princess. Sandra is also a bit of a con artist. Sandra is a strong young woman who wants to be a great soldier someday. Sandra also can play guitar.

Rupert is the son of Sabin and Imelda. He is a half snake half ostrich shape shifter and has his father’s personality. Rupert is very cool and he’s a bit of ladies’ man. Rupert likes to shape shift into a handsome black haired young man. Rupert likes to talk in rhyme and likes to wear black leather jackets. Rupert wants nothing more than to live life to the fullest and be a hero. Rupert also is a bit of a daredevil.

Gottfried is the son of Raymond and Alundra. He is half lava-rock creature and half snailotaur (which is a half snail and half human creature). When Gottfried isn’t being a wizard he’s a stand-up comedian and actor. Gottfried is a little nerdy and proud of it. Gottfried likes to play tennis when he’s not busy. Gottfried also is a little clumsy. Gottfried dreams of someday being a father. Gottfried is also the best friend of Bradford Jr.

Elisa is the daughter of Khloé and Raffaello. She is half beeotaur and half gremlin. Elisa is a bit of a handyman and a computer whiz. Elisa loves inventing and repairing magical items. Elisa is a bit of a tomboy and she’s the best friend of Sandra. Elisa is also a genius and very well educated. Elisa loves animals and she volunteers at a magical animal shelter. Elisa can’t wait to graduate school and open a repair shop of her own. Elisa also is a bit of an amateur psychologist.

Oouguya Jr. is an entity created from the merger of Deathbringer and Moeguya Jr. Like his father, Oouguya Jr. is a demonic warlord who is very power hungry. But actually Oouguya Jr. is more powerful than his father Oouguya. Oouguya Jr. is a bit of a con artist and he’s very manipulated. Oouguya Jr. is truly a powerful threat to the Magical Council. Oouguya Jr. wants nothing more than to rule the entire magical universe and the mortal realm. 

Sikios is a very mysterious man and has a heart of both light and darkness. Sikios is actually a demon but he looks very human. Sikios has long green hair, tattoos all over his body, and pale green skin. He wears a ninja-like mask, and he also wears a black cowboy-like hat. Sikios is also a bounty hunter and a very skilled marital artist. Sikios is basically a demon spawn created by Oouguya long ago but Sikios lost his memory of his creation. Sikios is basically an anti-hero and he picks what side he wants to work for. Sikios in the Magic Wars universe is a vigilante who helps the poor in the ghettos in Magic Town. Sikios’ weapons are baseball bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, and rakes but he also has demonic powers. Sikios is relented to aid the Magical Council because he thinks the Magical Council runs the magical universe like a police state. But Sikios soon becomes a very powerful ally of the Magical Council and aides them whenever he pleases.

The Black Knights’ robotic soldiers were invented by Sir Spring-Heeled Jack and the Black Knights’ kingdom in order to destroy and kill all magical creatures. The Black Knight’s robotic soldiers are made out of a strange metal found inside a meteorite that is basically unbreakable. The Black Knights’ robotic soldiers are very human-like but they’re actually nanomorph poly-alloy (liquid metal) robots. These robotic soldiers are so advanced that when an enemy cuts of a limb or a body part it not only grows back but the body part transforms into another robot. The Black Knights’ robotic soldiers are probably one of the toughest foes that the Magical Council ever faced. But some of the Black Knights’ robotic soldiers have become self-aware and rebellious thus no longer working for Sir Spring-Heeled Jack and the Black Knights’ kingdom but for themselves. But these robotic soldiers maybe independent but yet somehow they will always be programmed to kill magical creatures thus none of them will probably ever become truly good. Also it should be noted since the Black Knights’ robot soldiers are very human-like they basically look like very attractive men and women. Even though some of them are independent now they always will wear the symbol of the Black Knights’ on their armor. But like any foe to the Magical Council they can be defeated because they aren’t that strong.

Tomhagi is a very powerful wizard who creates shape shifting animal hybrids on a deserted island and these animals view him as a god. But most of his creations don’t view him as a god and they don’t want to always obey him. But Tomhagi thought of a way to make his creations work for him. Tomhagi implanted jewels inside their minds that make them rabid and willing to obey him when they disobey. Tomhagi is also a henchman of Oouguya and just desperate to do anything to please Oouguya.

Vach Jr. is training future Magical Council soldiers and he has also become a kinder and nicer person. Vach Jr. is one of the few villains that redeemed himself, but even though Vach Jr. is now a good guy he still is a shifty character that is hard to trust. Also Vach Jr. became friends with Prince Isaac Jr. and Vach Jr. thanked Prince Isaac Jr. for sparing his life. Vach Jr. would become a mentor of our heroes and aide them in the Magic Wars. Vach Jr. is currently one of the most powerful soldiers in the Magical Council. Vach Jr. would later become a very caring husband and father.

The Spirit Guardian is the god-like leader of the spirit realm. The spirit realm is where all good souls go when they die. The Spirit Guardian is the most powerful wizard in the entire magical universe. The Spirit Guardian also aides the Magical Council’s soldiers whenever they’re in the spirit realm. The Spirit Guardian is very wise and very old. The Spirit Guardian currently lives in his castle inside the spirit realm with his aide the recently deceased Harris the Hare.

Gary the Gerrorthorax is Elisa’s pet gerrorthorax and behaves a lot like a dog. Gary the Gerrothorax likes to follow Elisa everywhere and he likes to hump people’s legs. Gary the Gerrorthorax likes to swim and he can swim really fast. He can also run really fast and he runs away a lot. Gary the Gerrorthorax currently lives in Elisa’s bedroom at the Magical Council headquarters.

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